Contemporary Art – Suzi Nassif

What comes to your mind when you think of Dubai? For many, it must be skyscrapers and megamalls. That is fine to a certain extend. I am going to tell you something and it might be surprising to you as well. Do you know Dubai almost become a hub for cultural activities that include the display of arts?

Many people around the world come to Dubai for exclusive programs for the sole purpose of promoting the art. There are many well-known contemporary art programs in Dubai, and there you can see a lot of artists from different parts of the world getting honored for their works.

The modern arts are not only crafted on the wall of the buildings in Dubai city and some of the amazing art galleries.

Done? Nope, it is only half of the story…

But, before going into that in detail, I wish to take you to some other interesting stuff. It is about a form of painting.

Yes!!! It is called acrylic art on canvas…

Many young artists now-a-days using their acrylic form mingled with abstract art works. It is more of oil and water based techniques. And they show the artistic magic on walls, canvas, paper, and clothes.

Also, most artists prefer pressed paper for acrylic paintings on canvas works because they feel it will give the effect of the canvas perfectly. It has made things a quite lot easier for students and artists.

The material utilized for acrylic paints is extended cotton and the tones are shown in an alluring and splendid completion when utilized on this material.

Other than this material board and non-lubed calfskin also. The paint can be eased up by blending water in with it as the base is water-dissolvable yet when it dries, the paint gets waterproof and gives the viewpoint of oil paint.

Strategies utilized in contemporary or unique craftsmanship utilizing acrylic paint are many yet the more present day and famous one is called strange workmanship. This type of contemporary workmanship can be characterized as oddity. It is the portrayal of visual minds and dreams. The splendid tones and finish of acrylic paints make this sort of workmanship expressive and alluring.

This visual and significant conceptual type of compositions resembles its name; a combination of truth and dream. These contemporary compositions are extremely well known, particularly among the youthful age. This kind of workmanship rotates around a focal thought or a message passing on what the craftsman had as a main priority and needs others to comprehend. Seeing such craftsmanship for the most part requires a distinctive creative mind and normally, these artworks hold more than one significance. In the event that we say that it holds various implications for various individuals, it will not be an embellishment.

Oil painting on material is a mature age strategy to introduce one’s musings and thoughts as craftsmanship. Acrylic painting is generally new to be utilized by specialists yet it is well known for dreamlike contemporary workmanship.

Material compositions made by various specialists are consistently in plain view in workmanship displays in Dubai. Dubai has been empowering and obliging for youthful and renowned craftsmen the same. Every one of the exhibitions that show dynamic craftsmanship gives a chance to workmanship authorities to buy moderate just as costly craftsmanship pieces.

Ok, who uses this acrylic form in the painting here in Dubai?

Suzi Nassif is a well-known artist who frequently uses these painting forms in her abstract expressionism arts.

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