Pay in Cryptocurrency in Dubai

Here are a few companies in Dubai accepting Crypto payments from their buyers.

Cryptocurrency is capturing a larger market share worldwide in the trading space and investors are moving towards relying on it for their transactions to increase their capital. Many companies in Dubai are at pace with time and have started accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. These companies are from various sectors such as F& B, corporate services, finance and business. It helps them in facilitating business and attract larger number of clients from all across the world. Here is a brief overview of what they are accepting in digital currencies.

Kiklabb is a Dubai based government owned company that leases office space to businesses. It is accepting its payments in three main cryptocurrencies naming Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDt). Customers can pay their visa and trade license fee as well as office rentals to this company through cryptocurrencies. Tasawar Ulhaq, chief executive officer of Kiklabb says, “We’re the first government owned licensing entity in the UAE to accept cryptocurrency payments, and certainly not the last. With the technology rapidly gaining traction across the Middle East, I’m eager to see how it changes the way we do business in the near future”.

Virtuzone began accepting cryptocurrency payments in January 2021. It is one of the leading companies among freezones that decided to give this facility to businesses in Dubai. Investor may pay for their trade licenses and office spaces via Bitcoin.

SFM corporate services is another company that accepts payments in cryptocurrency in Dubai for business formation services. It allows its customers to pay in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Their clients can form businesses under 25 foreign jurisdictions and depend on their digital currencies to settle bills. Dubai is no doubt a leading business hub that seeks convenience and growth for its residents and investors in every possible way.

Octagon International is a Dubai based IT company that has been accepting payments in cryptocurrency since December 2021. This shift was made to ensure that geographic constrains do not affect business transactions. Businesses should be able to transact and grow even when it is difficult to deal in conventional money form. In the modern times of challenges originating from the pandemic and its aftereffects, cryptocurrency appears to be a fair solution for business transactions.

Creative Zone has also understood that decentralized currency is a great solution and has started accepting payments in cryptocurrency. They have experienced in a couple of months that companies can pay faster through crypto invoicing. Creatine Zone is relying on TripleA to generate its crypto invoices.

With the rising trends in using digital mode of payments, it is advisable to move towards the decentralized currency. Companies will be able to make faster and smoother transactions in their B2B deals if they are depending on the crypto. The future is now!