Are you an active listening woman?

Are you an active listening woman

Why do people struggle to have conversations with women? A man is trying to build a connection with you but clearly, you find yourself continuously correcting him during the conversation.

Do you allow your feelings and habits to interfere with your responses during conversations? Your kid runs up to you to tell her beautiful doll is broken and all you can say is “take a nap”. As a mother, you ignore the signal that your child is unhappy and they want to share it with you. Imagine if you say to her, “sorry we’ll try to fix it later”.

Active listening remains an important part of communication, particularly in relationships.  A woman who takes time to listen makes others feel that they understand. Listening is an attractive quality to those who are dating. Listening is not only good in romance but other aspects of people’s lives.

Surprisingly enough, most people find a listening woman as both charming and fascinating. Additionally, an active listener pays attention to others and makes them feel special. Honestly, a good listener is a quality partner.

Sometimes a woman gets upset because she is not putting her point across. To make matters worse she tries over and over to communicate with a more aggressive tone. Unfortunately, the blunder in communication begins. How do you relearn some of those old theories? Here’s how to become a better listener.

Do you show positive body language?

The body language sends loud messages hinting at whether you are listening or not. For women, it is easy to tell if they are not part of the conversation. How? She is either holding her purse, standing behind an object. Active listening help you hear more than words.

Face the person talking to you

Have you ever found yourself watching your favorite soap opera while discussing an important family problem? A partner may feel like you are insulting their intelligence. Giving undivided attention is part of active listening.

Maintain eye contact

During conversation maintain your calm and composure. Allowing your eyes to wander to the cell phone, wall, floor or computer is an indication you are not interested in the conversation. Frankly, eye contact feels intimate and shows that you care. When you take your eyes off your partner they feel unattended and less respected.

Naturally, it is difficult to maintain eye contact throughout a conversation, therefore, avoid staring.

Understanding is not equivalent to agreeing

The fact that you try to understand and listen does not mean you automatically agree with someone. Usually, when a person feels understood they cede ground, become more receptive and tries to work things out.  Occasionally, nodding your head during a conversation symbolizes you are listening. Poor listening makes you look rude and miss out on vital information.

Lastly, if you are a woman in a relationship you need to tap into your man’s desires. Try to bring out the hero in him by listening. Good listening skills improve both your sex life as well as the relationship. Listening helps you express your point of view. Women in leadership should learn to listen more.