Make Your Passion Your Profession

Make Your Passion Your Profession

It is an unfortunate situation that Pakistani society is keeping women down from being independent for choosing their own career and to peruse their natural talent. God has created you an independent creature; you are not a slave. So fulfill your dreams like the way you want. Don’t compel yourself to indulge in anything you don’t enjoy. You can ensure remarkable performance in a field you are passionate about. Now don’t hesitate to find your career in your passion.

I would like to recommend you a book for this purpose “The hero” by “Rhonda Byrne”. This book gives you an idea that how nature is indicating a way to our desirous passion.

Here I will give you easy steps to can develop a career of your own choice. Here you go:


 Start observing yourself and your surroundings. Don’t go with the flow, but always make your own path under your preferences. Just figure out that how your choices match with the workplace. Find the career opportunities, challenges, success stories relating to your own story.


 You have to discover your inner talent. Natural talent makes you out from time and space frame. Start with testing yourself. Make a list of your strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. This will help you assuring that whether its really your inner talent or not. Learn from your failures. So ladies figure out your passion first.

Grow your talent

Talent is a blessing of god and it tells how nature want us to achieve our goals. Scope is not in a field it is in a person himself. If you are enough talented you can figure out your own path. Collect data of past success stories of your career hero. Define yourself by your work. Your passion never makes you tired. So it will not divert you for perusing it in future.

Take an initiative

 Get a job in your desired field from grass-root level because this will help you know about the nature of your workplace. There you would start motivated from your field relating mentors and experts.

Bet honest, brave and hardworking

These are three attributes that will sustain you in your career. You have to try again and again to prove yourself. Enjoy your work and this with make you performance excellent.

Be your own competitor

Make a scale of your performance during a span of time and compete yourself with your previous performance. It’s a result based healthy competition. Always try to improve your managerial skill and look upon the emerging techniques in world.

Follow your role models

Spend a quality time with your mentors and seek their guidance. Track their performance always follow your live role models in your organization or anywhere in the world.

Always broaden your exposure

Without exposure you can never grow yourself, always remember you cannot discover yourself within sitting in a room.  For this you need to be more social, polish your skills, keep yourself motivated, visit other fields relating to your job, travel around the world, read biographies of experts and stay positive.