Strategies to Resilience in Business

If you are an entrepreneur, in the current situation, resilience in business is the need of the hour. It is not only adapting and adjusting according to the situation but also the ability to face the consequences and be perseverant in the adversity.

Having said that,

Which entrepreneur enters your mind whenever you think of the word resilience? For me, it is Elon Musk. I can’t even imagine anyone other than him. He is the one who is very much suitable for that.

It is not only about the character and the kind of person he is, but to become a successful entrepreneur you need resilience in business and perseverance because it will not be a bed full of roses, but also thorns. He grasped it very well so early in his career and that’s why he has earned billions of dollars by innovating, adapting, and adjusting to the situations in every single business he has entered. Everyone will only see the bed full of roses, but it is thorns that made it possible.

Rethinking Resilience in Business

Do you think he achieved it by luck? Not really! Was it easy? I wish it could be. All I can say is, he made it look easy but in reality, it is not. That’s why entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea. And also, it is not everyone’s game as well. You have to be ready to encounter problems and adapt to any situation. PERIOD! To put it concisely, you have to be resilient in business.


Another key reason, why I wanted to talk about him when I think of resilience in business is because a major portion of his fortune was made in a crisis situation. It was not a million or two, but he showed us anything was possible even in the global crisis time by achieving the rare feat of becoming the wealthiest man in the world by defeating the e-commerce giant’s owner Jezz Bozos. Isn’t he suitable for this topic?

Okay, what lesson you learned from Elon? It is only one if it is anything to be. Entrepreneurs can overpower economic slowdowns if they have a resilient environment in place and emerge stronger from any crisis. Whether you become the next Elon or end up being a private business owner to merely support your family, you have to encounter hardships before any crucial breakthrough. And the excellent thing is, Entrepreneurs would take that path knowingly. That’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur and it requires determination to the core.

Anyway, whatever it is, the true essence of an entrepreneur is also about not giving in any conditions. It may be a shiny radiant day, winter, or storm.