5 Major reasons of weight loss failure

5 Major reasons of weight loss failure

No doubt, we ladies love to look really fit whatever age we are in. There are millions of ways to make you lose your unwanted weight. But there are some weight loss practices that initially help us but later lead to rapid weight gain. Therefore, it is better to choose tips wisely.  You  must make yourself aware of the causes and reasons of weight loss failure or misconceptions of weight loss process. Here are some authentic ideas:

Eating too many carbs and starches:

Eating too many carbs and starches

In our daily routine, we usually use starches and carbs as a base of our meal like bread, rice, tortillas. These carbs produce insulin in your body which means more storage of fats because insulin is fat storage hormone. But wait a minute, it is not recommended to eliminate all these starches from your meal but to minimize it to a certain level. You definitely need carbs from better sources like red beans, oats, sweet potatoes, etc.

Snacking is your favorite hobby:

We ladies are too foodie because we can’t handle our cravings. Yah or nah? Some women think that snacking or having frequent meals make them feel full, so they tend to have six to eight meals a day. No ladies it’s a myth. Snacking takes away the opportunity for body to utilize your stored fat. The more you have multiple meals the more your insulin activates, which means more fat-storage. So snacking is a bad idea.

Scientific studies show that we need to focus on our three big meals. Stick to your three big meals by making them full of healthy nutrients and save your time.

Impatient for weight loss:

We all know that the women are the busiest creature on the earth. So are you one of those who find out shortcuts for the weight-loss? No ladies, there is not any shortcut for this. If you want permanent weight-loss, then be patient.

Give your body enough time to have a healthy life-style with workout routines. Don’t be a fitness freak neither go for crush diets. Work on healthy weight loss. Properly address your appetite. Build up your metabolism.

You are stressed-out.

You are stressed-out

Are you physically or mentally exhausted? Your stress is a main cause of being a failure for weight loss. This target another hormone called Cortisol, which directly slowdown your metabolism and thyroid system. Eventually its moving your body from fat-burning to fat-storing mode. Now here you need to manage your stress like have a walk outside, meditation or yoga. Take full advantage of your weekends because this will ultimately make you stress relief.

Eating too less:

After having a membership into a gym or having a workout routine, most of us rush to a crush diet. We avoid almost 70% of our diet at once, which ultimately lose lean muscles of your body and then slowing down your metabolism. Make your breakfast heavier. Have lots of nuts, vegetables as your lunch for sustained energy level. Minimize your carbs for the dinner and have some protein.

The best way is to consult your nutritionist and have a proper diet plan or simply limit your meals according to your requirement.