Choosing the right bra to ensure breast health

Choosing the right bra to ensure breast health

Bras are wardrobe staples for a majority of women. You not only need a bra that fits well but for breast health too. Once you have chosen the right clothes a bra remains a missing puzzle for your flawless outfit. Unfitting bra leaves you uncomfortable. Besides, you risk back pain and skin irritation.

Signs of unfitting bra

  • Cup spillage
  • When you lift your arm the bra hikes
  • The straps slips
  • the bra doesn’t fit the outermost hook

Let’s take a closer look at a few insightful tips for choosing the right bra.

Measure your chest size before buying

Did you know that your breast size changes year after year due to weight loss/gain or hormonal fluctuations? . Typical areas to measure are the ribcage, fuller part of the breast and below the breast. Use a stretchy tape measure to know your breast size. Self-measurement gives you a baseline to work with before you visit a shop. You quote the breast size by measuring the brand size and the cup.

What’s your boob shape?

No matter how big or small your breast size is they deserve a good treatment. Women needed specifically designed undergarments to look beautiful. In order to choose the right bra size, you need to understand your boob shape.

  1. Asymmetrical-shape

Did you know that one of the breasts is smaller than the other breast? A woman can need a bra with padding so she can remove the other padding to balance the smaller side so it doesn’t leave her with a bra gap.

  1. Bell-Shaped

The breasts are fuller at the bottom but slimmer at the top. Balconette bras are not good for the bell-shaped breasts.

  1. East-West Shape

The shape implies that the nipples point outwards leaving a noticeable space between the two breasts. The best bra is the T-shirt bra which gives you an even outline. It does not show any bumps through the clothing.

  1. Round-Shaped

The breasts are full both at the top and at the bottom. The breast style doesn’t require much of a support.

  1. Set-aside Shape

The two breasts have space between them. You need an up bra to hoist the breast upward also drawing them in.

  1. Slender-Shaped

The breasts are longer, fuller at the bottom but slim at the top. A plunge bra with padding sounds appropriate and gives them a breast lift.

  1. Tear-drop Shaped

Though the breasts are rounded, they are less full at the top. Teardrop shaped breasts fit any type of bra.

  1. Athletic shaped

The breasts are more muscular. Get a classic push bra to create curvy illusions.

Don’t exchange comfort with seductive lingerie

Wearing tight bra risks a women’s breast tissue damage. Exchanging a cozy look for a properly fitting bra is unsafe for breast health.

Petit Women and bras

A petite woman has unique bra fitting issues because she has smaller frames and busts. She needs tighter bands, small and shallow cups to support her shape. She can buy a demi-cup bra with shorter underwire that won’t cause discomfort.

Inasmuch as breasts are vital parts of a woman’s anatomy, most women prefer choosing the right clothes rather finding fitting bras for their breast. Find out the subtle differences in bras in the market and choose what works well with your breast.