Meet with Dr. Prithvi Priyadarshini – A Famous Gastroenterologist

Dr Prithvi Priyadarshini is one of the women who have made their mark in a male-dominated sector. She is a proficient gastroenterologist who is well versed with advanced endoscopic procedures. Her clinical expertise includes but are not limited to irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcers, bleed, IBS, IBD, Obesity, fatty liver, gall bladder and pancreas related disorders, foreign bodies removal in children and adults. She is well-known for non-surgical procedures to treat obesity. Her stellar career speaks of the fervor with which she is serving humanity. Here is more from the personal and professional fronts of this woman of stature.

Choosing her Field of Specialty:

Dr Prithvi decided to be gastroenterologist, when she was a twenty-two year old intern doctor, having rotational duties in all the fields of medicine. She believed this field will allow her to be a physician who treats a person as a whole and not a particular disease. “It does take a lot of years of study, loads of books and research that follow but ultimately when there is passion attached to it, you just cannot stop”. She was working also as a young lecturer when she realized her calling and it was Gastroenterology. It took three more years of studies, exams, researches, seminars, case reports and learning new skills for her to be gastroenterologist. However, in her views, “For a doctor learning never stops. Every patient brings something new to learn and understand as every case happens to have its own complications”.

Endoscopic skills are technically challenging and sophisticated procedures which require a lot of training and she was blessed to have amazing mentors throughout her course. To a certain extent it was like “you don’t choose your life, it chooses you”. She has been driven by her purpose of ensuring health for everybody. Her passion has sprouted from her purpose.

Dr. Prithvi as a Public Speaker:

“I believe as a doctor, it is also our social responsibility to educate people” says, Prithvi Priyadarshini. As a specialist gastroenterologist, Dr. Priyadarshini delivers lectures and awareness raising keynotes in Dubai and India. She educates her audience about sustaining gut health and understanding health problems related to it. She strongly believes is the power of sharing knowledge.

An Exciting Story from her Journey:

Dr Prithvi shared a few professional incidents from her memories. She talked about an old monk, a three year old girl and a young lady who were her patients and were cured. She says:

“There was one seventy-four year old post cardiac bypass male patient with lower gastrointestinal bleed, in ICU, where colonoscopically all we could see was profuse blood. It appeared a challenge but with three attempts, the bleeding stopped and he walked out of the hospital completely fine in couple of days”.

“One three year old girl has also stayed in my memory. She had accidentally swallowed a coin, which was quickly and safely removed endoscopically in less than 2 minutes. This was also published in Gulf news and Khaleej Times.

A thirty year old lady, who had complications from a previous surgery and had to undergo a complicated endoscopic procedure eventually came out of sepsis. She has become a very close friend of mine to this day!

All my patients who I have helped and from whom I have learnt make my memories”.

Work-Life Balance:

Speaking of work life balance, Dr. Prithvi says, “Life has its own way to teaching us, and I have learned to prioritize duties. Often my professional responsibilities have demanded cancellation of family holidays and celebrations. I understand this sacrifice is for the greater good of humanity as my responsibility is towards people’s well-being. I never resent this. However, I do strike a balance whenever I can”. She prioritizes activities with her children and gives ample time to her family whenever is possible. They have learned to find their happy times.

An Advice for Female Doctors:

Women should aim high but keep goals realistic. They must understand that life offers them many roles to play and they will need support from their family members to move forward and make their mark. Therefore, Dr. Prithvi advises female doctors to retain and grow their strength, sustain confidence and belief in themselves.

Dr. Prithvi’s Achievements in her Profession:  

“Professionally, my first achievement was getting a DM superspeciality degree in Gastroenterology. I was the first woman to get this prestigious degree from Karnataka state Rajiv Gandhi university. I received this six months after my father’s death and it was also his dream to see me as a gastroenterologist my graduation was a very emotional moment in my life.

Juggling between two little kids and learning, it was nothing less than an achievement in itself. I also acquired national board degree in Gastroenterology following this. Post this, I have realized the importance to update my skills regularly and have travelled to Italy to be trained in High end procedures. I have been selected for a short fellowship in Netherlands. In India, have travelled to best of universities for hands-on training in important advanced endoscopic skills.

I have diversified and added on MBA in Hospital administration and Post-graduation in medico legal ethics from National Law school of Bangalore. What has given me more satisfaction is opportunities to be a speaker in India, UAE and China. I have had the pleasure to involve myself in free health camp across Rural parts of south India”.

What brings success to a doctor? 

Dedication. Passion. Hardwork. A successful doctor is never the one who runs behind success. When we dedicate ourselves in healing people – one person at a time with commitment – that is success.

Special message to our readers:

Dreams should always be attached with commitment and that is when miracles happen.

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