27 NOVEMBER 2019


Parenting is a great responsibility and a process that many people long for. It is known to have no particular formulae but also known to change with society, cultural and religious reasons. Good parenting not only helps a child to learn how to cope in his/her environment with other kids but also instills value in a human at a very young age. This is not to say that poor parenting will not produce upstanding citizens for the community but good values instilled at a young age go a  long way. There is also a thin line between micro-parenting and being involved in your child’s life. As much as they were totally dependent on you from a certain age, it is important that you allow them to be independent and make their own choices.  Here are some helpful tips that will ensure your child grows to be an ideal and commendable citizen.


A good neighborhood – Living in a good neighborhood greatly impacts on a kid’s upbringing. Children will not spend the entire day with you and with this said, you will have to ensure the environment they spend most of their time is safe. This includes a neighborhood that has got great schools as well as parents who share the same vision as you when it comes to proper upbringing. Being brought up in a good neighborhood will influence their later decision in life when they start living on their own.


Being Positive – It is often said that you will never be able to give that which you do not have. If your life is filled with stress then you will more than often share the stress with your kids. Learning to always be stress-free in the most stress filled situations shows maturity and also helps you prioritize. For kids who grow up in volatile situations, the stress becomes normal, but for kids who grew around positivity, that too becomes their norm. If you have difficulty in sustaining positivity in life, just hire from among the best life coaches in Dubai and leverage quality in your life.


Chores and responsibilities – Allowing your kids to carry out simple chores around the house teach them responsibility. Even in situations where you make enough money to pay someone to clean after them, they should still have chores in the household. You would like to be very sure that they will be able to take good care of themselves once they leave the nest.


Reading and Math – Teaching your child to read and do math daily is also very important. It teaches them skills at an early age and most importantly ensures that they stay ahead of their studies at all times. Instilling this at an early age will teach them to study on their own once they are in high school or on campus.


Complements and Encouragement – These are some of the most important aspects of a growing child. When you constantly compliment them for doing something right, they too will be able to complement others at a different point in their lives. It also builds up their self-esteem and will not fall into the arms of prey that complements him/her just becomes the parent did not.