How to reduce breast size

Breast are composed of glandular tissues and adipose tissues along with the hormone receptors. Glandular tissues are in control for lactation or in simpler words producing milk, while adipose tissues fill the breast because they are fat storing tissues. The breast size varies at different stages of a female life. There are many factors which cause the change in breast size example obesity, pregnancy, medication, hormonal imbalance, and genetics. Some of the women may consider larger breasts as their attractiveness asset but in reality larger breasts cause many problems like neck and back pain etc., therefore, here are different ways in which you may control your increasing breast size.


In order to reduce your breast size always consider surgery as a last option. You can reduce your breast size by only balancing your diet. The amount of fat that you intake has a direct association with the increase in your breast size because of all the fat stores in adipose tissues within the body.

If you tend to eat way more calories than you burn, it will result in accumulation by increasing breast size. Try to eat vegetables, fish and meat because they increase your metabolic rate and process the fat and doesn’t allow it to accumulate.


There are some specific exercises which help you to reduce your breast size. These exercises also give strength to the muscles within the breast. As we know breast consist a part of fat so intense or cardio exercises help you to lose weight more readily. Even the aerobic exercises or cycling increase the metabolic rate of your body and helps you to shed fat all over the body not from some targeted areas.

Pushups and other strength training exercises may also change the appearance and shape of the breast. These exercises also tighten the breast but if you don’t follow the routine you will end up with drastic results like an increase in breast size. I recommend you to do exercise 4 times a week for thirty minutes.

Omega 3 fatty acids

It is better and easy for you to use omega 3 fatty acids containing supplements or substances like tuna fish and salmon fish. The omega 3 maintain and regulate the hormonal level of estrogen within the body. Flex seeds are one of the best sources of omega 3. This seed can be used easily in our diet. You can add flex seeds to your drinking water or into the meal that you are eating.


Ginger proves to be much more productive in order to reduce breast size because it increases the metabolic activity of your body which influences to burn fats and calories more readily. Ginger could be used in your diet easily I recommend you to use ginger three times a day as tea or you can also use it by adding it into your meals just like ginger green tea can also help you to reduce fat. It contains some antioxidants which boost up your energy level and your metabolic rate as well.