Interview with Dt. Mitun De Sarkar

Empowering Women to Achieve Optimal Health: An Interview with Dt. Mitun, Leading Dietitian and Founder of Simply Healthy Meal Plan and Fitness Services.

Meet Dt Mitun, a renowned Clinical Dietitian with over two decades of experience in the field of clinical nutrition. With her expertise, she has helped thousands of individuals achieve their health goals and reverse lifestyle diseases through nutrition consultations, lifestyle management, and functional health principles. Dt. Mitun is currently a consultant Dietitian at Northwest clinic, located at Al Wasl road, and the founder of Simply Healthy Meal Plan and Fitness services since 2005. Her passion for nutrition and wellness has made her an advocate for the UN, World Food Program for School Feeding Programs, Zero Hunger, and Stop The Waste. Dt. Mitun has been felicitated with Super 100 women Achievers in MENA by Gray Matters and IMG for Young Indian Visionary. She is also the Brand Ambassador for COSTA Health Line 4U, a selection of healthy choices developed by her. In this interview, Dt Mitun shares her insights on various health issues and offers valuable advice for women.

Health Issues Catered by Dt. Mitun:

Mitun De SarkarAs a clinical dietician, my key role is to counsel my women patients to make them understand the need for special dietary modifications, help to develop a customized dietary plan and provide advice to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent diseases and promote health. Lifestyle changes are a primary reason for the prevalence of many health issues in women. The most common health concerns faced by women today include Obesity, Insulin resistance, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, Diabetes, hormonal imbalances, Hyperlipidemia, Autoimmune conditions, Hypothyroidism, Poor Gut health, Nutritional, and Vitamin deficiencies, Fatty liver disease, lack of knowledge about the pre and postnatal nutritional strategies. My focus is to help women enhance the importance of a healthy lifestyle through nutritional support.

Common dietary issues and their effects on women’s health :

The fast-paced and stressful lifestyle leads to a lot of health issues, including Unexplained fatigue, Weight Gain, energy loss, High stress, poor sleep routine, Irregular menstruation, sugar cravings, Anxiety, Brain fog, Hair fall, dry skin, Acne filled skin, depression, muscle loss, or poor gut health. If prolonged, all the issues may lead to severe heart disease, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, or hormonal imbalances, to name a few.

Every medical issue faced by women needs a carefully mapped approach. Every dietary plan curated is based on an in-depth review of their lab investigations, medical findings, and any prescribed medications. My approach has always been customized as I curate a plan according to my client’s lab investigations and diagnosis.

Causes of women’s ignoring their diet:

Mitun De SarkarI have extensively worked to provide nutritional support and lifestyle counseling for over two decades. I have learned that most, if not all, women are socially conditioned in a way that their health takes a back seat due to their fast-paced and stressful life.

A: Time Management: Women are known to hustle and juggle between work, personal life, and family. Although this balancing act works well for all their loved ones, it sometimes puts their health in the backseat. Culturally, they always put their personal needs secondary and forget to take care of their physical, social, and cognitive health due to the following factors:

B: Following Fad Diets: They get influenced by some random fad diets that they might have heard of or read about. Every time trying a new diet causes a change in their body at a cellular level. If it is not followed under supervision, then the rebound effect is alarming for health.

C: Lack of proper guidance: Women may resort to shortcuts to stay fit. This may create further health issues. I firmly believe one must set realistic expectations for a diet or lifestyle change. Shortcuts of any kind or quick fixes will have detrimental side effects.

Dt Mitun’s Achievements:

I am always grateful to the almighty for allowing me to work as an advocate for the UN, World Food Program for School Feeding Programs, Zero Hunger, and Stop the Waste campaigns.

I have also been complimented by Gray Matters under the Super 100 women Achievers in MENA and IMG for the Young Indian Visionary category. I am currently the Brand Ambassador for COSTA Health Line 4U, a selection of healthy choices that have been developed by me.

My vision in the next five years is to expand in the GCC sector and also work for the betterment of the people in India. I am keen to expand the Simply Healthy Meal Plan and Fitness services globally.

Special Advice for Diet:

Although nutrition and good health are relevant subjects across genders, women’s health faces some unique issues like menstruation, hormone issues, pregnancy, and menopause. There are multiple dietary concepts, but there is no one-size-fits-all concept. A particular diet may work for a woman, but it may be detrimental for the other. Lab investigations followed by a professional opinion are a must before following any diet. The right nutritional plan will be designed according to your need to optimize health and wellness.

Special Message for Readers:

As women, we wear many hats and represent numerous roles that require us to be constantly on the go. Whether we’re juggling motherhood, entrepreneurship, or our professional lives, the pressure to conform and present ourselves in a certain way can be overwhelming. However, it’s important to acknowledge that we are not just our physical forms, but rather, complex beings with a multitude of interests and responsibilities. Unfortunately, over 80% of diseases stem from these choices. However, it’s never too late to make positive changes and seek professional help and regular check-ups to ensure progress. Don’t let FOMO damage your health; prioritize your wellbeing for a happier life.