Best Style Statement is Your Smile – Says Dr. Munmun Dutta, Dubai based General & Cosmetic Dentist

Interviewing an extraordinary general and cosmetic dentist who is more of an artist, a story teller, a poet, an impactful orator and an amazing mother – Dr. Munmun Dutta, we discovered there is a lot under the white coat that a female medical practitioner does. Dr. Dutta is a General & Cosmetic Dentist with Apple Clinics/iCare Blue Emirates Healthcare Group, Dubai. She has more than twenty years of experience: having practiced in India, Oman & UAE. She is driven by her passion for her work and love for two wonderful teenagers: Anikam & Ayona.

Dr. Dutta Says, Health Means:

Munmun Dutta

Is it just the absence of physical pain or unease? A folly to even assume so! Our body is a metaphor for all the physical and emotional blows it is meted out. We can’t Photoshop thoughts, emotions, or outlook towards health in general. As a woman & spine of our family’s health status, a lot rests upon our shoulders, a role we can’t shrug off as we set paradigmatic examples for our kids to imbibe. None of us are born with manual or auto instilled skills … We are all learning amidst oscillating between failures and success on how to best take care of self, loved ones, and patients. Most importantly, not giving up to the learning curve is what sets us apart!

Best health is attained with treatment or approach aimed at being holistic; possibly in a way that treats the whole person, taking into account physical, mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease. Health is entwined with acceptance, understanding, societal interactions, and needs in terms of professional or personal graph whether its family, friends, or work.

A positive frame of mind is one of the most effective & ultimate panacea. Never say you are sick, say you are healing. Your cells are hearing you.

Health Issues Dr. Dutta Addresses:

As a dentist, I take care of a woman’s smile that ensures optimal health of teeth and gums that is reflected in the confidence with which she lifts the corners of her mouth. Healthy teeth are not only important for an attractive smile and mastication but also support facial features and aids phonetics. A beautiful healthy smile boosts confidence. If eyes are windows to our soul, smile is the language of the heart. Psychology says “Smiling is 69% more attractive than wearing make-up” and I second that!

Dr. Dutta enlists commonly ignored health issues:

Ignorance isn’t always bliss!  Ironically as I have witnessed, lot of the expats travel to their home country for root canal than for their roots!  It’s not the treatment but the delay that bleeds your pocket, not only in terms of cost but the prognosis of the tooth, which suffers in lieu with negligence towards basic oral health care. Root canal treatments can be avoided if dental cavities are treated in initial stages and not allowed to progress for pain, swelling, or sensitivity to manifest.

Dr Munmun DuttaDental check-up, at least, once a year is a must. Gingivitis and bad breath can be avoided with cleaning and polishing, thus maintaining oral health. Dental sensitivity can be avoided by addressing dental cavities, cervical abrasions, and gingival recession coupled with guidance by your dentist about correct brushing technique and maintenance routine. Dental extractions can be avoided if dental problems aren’t allowed to be burgeoning until pain sets in.

Dr. Dutta’s Advice for Readers:

Firstly, I want to debunk a few dental myths that have debased facts over the years. Extraction of teeth does not affect eyesight. Scaling and polishing doesn’t weaken or harm your teeth. Get a Dental check-up done once a year. Dental consultation is a must if you are planning pregnancy.

Address dental issues before they turn sinister. Do not harbour age-old myths about dental treatment, rather trust your dentist to combat oral health problems and maintain healthy teeth & gums. Many systemic diseases like diabetes and heart ailment have oral manifestations. To put it in a nutshell, refrain from being indolent towards things that need your attention

Here is something really important in the life of a female dentist:

Pertaining to profession, honestly – a trained dental assistant!  I owe it to the efficiency of my assistant, insurance coordinator & reception staff as they help me deliver to the best of my potential.

Secondly, trust of clients. Seventeen years in Gulf now, I’m a family dentist to many, which accounts for the trust of my patient clientele, that amounts to my hectic treatment schedule managed and well delivered in time due to my able staff & a supportive management.

Personally, as a woman multitasking and tip toeing between profession, social commitments and family presence to kids and elderly parents, a supportive spouse is my biggest strength. It is the push & belief in me besides patience & acceptance to my professional demands by Anirban, my husband that emboldened me, thus lifting off the weight from my wings, for me to fly & scale newer heights.

Dr MunmunAchievements of Dr. Dutta over the years:

– Professional experience of over twenty years in India Oman & UAE

– Been Guest faculty/ speaker at Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Science, India.

– Been interviewed and featured in UAE’s only motherhood magazine WonderMom by Gulf Time Media

– Been a guest speaker at a few talk shows in UAE and been interviewed on my journey & triumph over adversities

– Received various awards for healthcare contribution & as most Popular Dentist by IWD Dubai

– Been one of the most reviewed dentists in Google

– Been Dental coach /Smile Mentor of various international pageants held in UAE like FFA, SHE International, Being Muskaan, iAdore & Naari

– Conducted well-being sessions – on self care & positivity for teachers and staff at GEMS school Dubai

– Interviewed by Dr Janatul Brishty talk show TV anchor/Dentist of Bangladesh Media Channel

– Oral health Guide at Super talented kids event by Ayesha Shaik EdTech Services

– Guest speaker/ well being coach at Happy homemakers by Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services

– Jury Panelist Gulf Time Media WonderMom Awards Dubai UAE & Naari by Srishti event

– Featured in GEMS OOHS Dubai December Newsletter

– Podcast guest for Radhika Lamba show

– Written over 600 poems available on my Instagram

For the coming 5 years, I want to top up my professional skills furthermore & keep up with advancements in dentistry to provide the best treatment to my patients.

Her Special Message for our Readers

Except from my poetic musings for you dear women…

Wire your brain to happiness

Let both sunshine & limelight be reflected from between your SMILE, which is the most beautiful curve on your body.

You are the universe in ecstatic motion manifested with meraki.

Think nothing less while you take pride in your journey!

Contact Dr. Munmun Dutta:

Readers can book an appointment with me by calling Apple Clinic/iCare Blue, EHG Dubai – 044227533/042776211

LinkedIn: @Dr.-munmun-dutta

Instagram: @munmun_poetistry

Facebook: Munmun Ghosh Dutta