Interview with Hessa Albloushi – Certified Trainer Professor in Cyber Security

Hessa Albloushi is a certified Trainer Professor with a Strong Background in Cyber Security. She is a motivated young leader who aspired to create Cyber Security awareness within the Emirati Community and work towards the progress of the UAE. She has been a recipient of numerous awards in the field of Cyber protection, including the Best Idea Award at the Higher Schools of Technology for Women, the honorary title of Second Stage inn Bin Ham Al Amri for innovation 2020, and also gained the title of a Young Arab leader. 

About Cyber Protection: 

Hessa: Aiming to bring the UAE and Middle Eastern society under cyber protection, Cyber Protection is a platform for information security and cyber security education. This concept first surfaced in 2022 and will be implemented in 2023. The security services offered by this platform include safeguarding user accounts from external threats, educational games, and awareness seminars.

Hessa Makes a Vision Turn into a Reality: 

Hessa: Although I wasn’t a professional or an expert in the technology field when I co-founded Cyber Hero, I was responsible for editing websites, creating cybersecurity courses, and giving lectures and workshops on the topic.

In September 2019, our proposal was chosen as the capstone project’s starting point. I also received the Best Idea Award at the Higher Schools of Technology for Women in Dubai later in December 2019.

To create and improve the concept of promoting cybersecurity awareness, I have dedicated much time to researching and investigating information security awareness tools globally.

The best Feat Accomplished by Hessa: 

Hessa: Founding my very own start-up business is my greatest accomplishmentIn Bin Ham Al Amri for innovation 2020, I was given the honorary title of the second stage. In 2020, I was also selected among the young Arab leaders.

Her Zeal towards Success: 

Hessa: At a very tender age, I worked hard to complete my graduation project and did the unthinkable to get my degree. I received awards for the Best Graduation Project and the Most Innovative Student. This will help me keep going and working on creating cyber security in the UAE.

Hessa wants to make a Difference: 

Hessa: I don’t want to chase fame and popularity. With my creative thinking, I aim to create cyber awareness in the Emirati Community and educate people about cyber protection.

Hessa’s Vision:

Hessa: My vision is to be a good leader by promoting cyber awareness, educating my community about cyber safety, and working to improve the entire United Arab Emirates.

Hessa’s Advice to Mothers and Wives on Growth and Personal Development:

Hessa: To all the mothers and wives who may be enrolled in college, I urge you to use the opportunity and explore your creative side. Because learning and studying will help both the individual and the community. Furthermore, they ought to support their kids in doing this because they are the ones who will create the future.

Hessa’s Inspiration:

Hessa: Nothing is impossible, according to the renowned Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid. I take my inspiration from him. I challenged myself and urged myself to succeed. I’ll keep trying to reach my dreams and make a difference in my people and community.

A Message to our Readers: 

Hessa: Do not give up despite the difficulties you encounter on your path or in your dreams, for you will learn a lot and gain much from each step of the way. Fame, recognition, and honors mean little compared to the qualities of a great leader who can take challenges, failure, and criticism. If you try something and fail, know that you tried.

Connect with Hessa:

Instagram: / @hessa3__