An Interview with Preetie Boler

 The Founder of Empowered by Design shares how she helps individuals become master and leaders of their life – Preetie Boler

Why did you choose to be a self-leadership practitioner and a transformational leader?

I am the founder of Empowered by Design and the Self-Innovation Academy.

Two July’s ago I woke up one early morning. I remember it being about 4am…  feeling rather restless. Fire in my belly restless. And I kept having thoughts… is this it? There must be more to life than this. What is going to be my legacy? What am I going to be remembered for? What difference have I made in this world?

I got out of bed, sat down for a long time, reflecting on who I am as a person, my values, my beliefs. Where I had come from, who I used to be and who I am now. I reflected on my past experiences, some painful experiences, some ugly, some wonderful, some joyous. And when I look at my life now, firstly, I must say, I am so grateful to be alive! Yes, alive. Because there was a time 16 years ago when I wanted to end my pain and misery. A time when I was stuck in a disempowering cycle of blame, complaints, comparing, excuses, negative thought, and behaviour patterns. A time when I was crippled with limiting beliefs and self-doubt.  It seems like a lifetime ago.

Sitting in that cold still morning, I suddenly felt this rush of warmth embrace me, I smiled and that’s when I knew what my purpose was. My past life was not for nothing. I had reinvented myself and turned my life around from “I am a victim of my life” to “I am master and leader” of my life. I had picked up the pieces of me, imperfections and all then re-build myself, much like the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where broken and damaged pottery are repaired and renewed with gold, silver and platinum.

I have cultivated the art of living, achieving, and sharing.  I led myself towards the direction of the wonderful life I have now. I led myself to become the person I am today. For that reason, I am a self-leadership practitioner. I now share my lived experience and my learnings to inspire and mentor others.

We are the CEOs of our life. If we expect CEOs or leaders of organizations to lead the business towards growth, success, and a vision of the future, then it begs the question, how are we as leaders of our life leading our lives, what is the direction we are leading it to? Who are we becoming?

I’ve also been recognized as a transformational leader throughout my thirty years in the corporate sector because I’ve been able to facilitate positive transformation within my teams, streamline complexities and establish transformational systems and processes.

What is self-innovation? Why is it necessary?

When we use the term ‘innovation’, it’s usually in the context of organisations, products, materials, systems and processes, to add value, to become more efficient and effective, to be progressive for better outcomes. Am I right?

Now let’s apply that concept to personal innovation. Imagine as an individual you deliberately expand your capacity and ability to take action, where you are empowered and enabled to create your desired reality, to have new paradigms of thoughts, being able to self-regulate your emotions and behaviour patterns all for outcomes that are going to serve you better. To be enabled to elevate your personal power. Upgrade or replace your old mental programs that no longer are efficient or no longer helpful, maybe even obsolete. Programs that sabotage and get in the way of your self-leadership, towards personal growth and progression. Self-innovation facilitates unlocking the greatness that is within you.

Imagine, you want Version 6 outcomes and results for your life, but you are still operating at Version 2 programs. How do you think things are going to work out for you? Will it be frustrating and miserable? Possibly.

Through my lived experience and years of study, research and practicing all that I had learned, I have developed a Self-Innovation Program. It’s a 3-Step approach based on consciousness practices and intentional choices. I believe this approach needs to become a basic life skill.

The 3 Steps are: Awaken, Reprogram and Activate.

Within the Program each ‘Step’ is represented by a single Course and is offered as below:

  1. Course 1 – Awaken Your Mind
  2. Course 2 – Reprogram Your Mental Blueprint
  3. Course 3 – Activate Your Best Future Life

The Program is offered through my Self Innovation Academy.

For the convenience of my clients, the Program is delivered through several options:

  1. Self-Paced Courses
  2. Group Workshops
  3. Personal Mentorship Sessions

You know I often ask myself, “what version of myself am I right now?” Currently, I feel I am Version 6.2 because I am constantly upgrading and reinventing. Life is so much more exciting and rewarding when you continuously seek opportunities to grow and expand. And the most wonderful part is, you can literally create miracles in your life once you have learned and your practice the Awaken, Reprogram and Activate Steps.

It will also help answer the following questions:

  1. How does the law of attraction and positive thinking work?
  2. Do vision boards (I call them Action Boards) work?
  3. Can I manifest the life I want?

 What role does emotional intelligence play in the life of a leader?

It plays an INTEGRAL role.

Let us look at the elements of Emotional Intelligence for a moment:

  • Having a growth mindset
  • Self-manage and self-regulate thoughts, emotions, and behavior’s
  • Self-awareness
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Social skills

When a leader, for example, has a growth mindset, it will shape her/his behavior’s into creating a growth orientation across business. With great leaders who practice compassion and empathy, we all know it is not just about the bottom line, but it is also about their people. They consider the well-being of their people empowering and supporting everyone towards their own personal growth and progression. The prefer to understand their needs and their individuality, accepting their differences. With compassion and empathy, it makes it easier to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion measures, where employees feel they are accepted and cultivate a sense of belonging.

As a self-leader and in my program, you will learn about holding space for love in your heart. Why is this important? Well, because that is where, grace, gratitude, kindness, compassion, and empathy reside. The one thing we all need more of is ‘love’, which facilitates compassion and empathy for others.

 From a lawyer to a leadership mentor and working on woman empowerment? Why did you decide to wear these different hats?  

The short answer is because I keep reinventing myself and because I CAN wear multiple hats. Yes, I am playing between the polarity of both corporate and mentorship roles; and I am grateful to be in both realms. In my corporate roles, leading teams, inspiring and motivating them to be high performers and achievers, has a lot to do with mentoring, and coaching. There are techniques to bring out the best in your teams. I apply these techniques and use the tools of my Self Innovation Program which includes the seven core practices that I have adopted as a way of life.

 What advice do you have for other women?

Everything you have been through in life… is OK!

You are perfect with all your imperfections. You can pick up the pieces, embrace and love each one of them and reinvent yourself. Transform yourself and create your new reality. You have the power within you to do this.

I want you to believe in your full potential. Then give yourself permission to dream and finally, I want you to step into your growth zone. It is also important that you let go of old mental programs that no longer serve you. Time to identify these programs and release them.


Who has inspired you the most in your life and how?

Lots of people have inspired me but my son has taken the lead. He has been my stabilizing factor, offering me the roots to stay strong and resilient. I was motivated to be the best human because I was his role model. He was the reason why I decided not to end my pain and misery 16 years ago instead to rise from the challenges I faced then to reinvent myself and transform my life.


Your one message to our readers.

I want you to believe in yourself and in your ability to become the creator of your reality.

YOU have the power to have your best future life. It’s time to Kindle it.

Set an intention today to stop being the passenger of life, instead be the one in the driver’s seat of life to steer and lead yourself towards that life you desire.


 How can readers connect with your brand?

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