Interview with Anul Mundra

Tell us about your brand Indian Expats in Dubai, and its inception in detail.

Indian Expats in Dubai was created in Jan 2020 to support the Indian community within Dubai and the rest of the UAE.  Anul Mundra 

The community established with the purpose of offering a platform which becomes a one stop shop solution for all the engagement, needs and requirements of Indian expats in the UAE. Once the community had a decent shape, it was converted into a business platform with a motto of supporting businesses through advertising and marketing. Indian Expats in Dubai (IED) also conducts events with the motto of unifying the community of Indians residing in the UAE. The community has been growing exponentially ever since its launch and proactive, engaged, commercialized and has a strategical approach. As a founder of IED, I curate and create its activities and moderate communication among its members.


You have successfully created a thriving community in Dubai, share with us your experience of doing that over the years. Tell us what works and what does not?

Indian Expats in Dubai is about to complete its three years soon. It has come a long way. I take pride in the way it has evolved and sustained itself. I believe it is essential for a social community to feed on activities that rely on consistency, hard work, passion, creativity and patience. These work really well.

What does not work is something I never want to discover (laughs).


Through thick and thin, you continued working towards your goal, what kept you motivated through this journey?

I have enjoyed every bit of this journey. I believe, Consistency and passion for society with a motto of business vision has kept it going. Support of my family has counted big. The fact that this community is a ray of hope that we are all connected to something larger than life, something that keeps us together as a nation. This hope has kept it going on and one. This platform is a source of support – be it entertainment or serious business work. Its usefulness remains unmatched.


What has been the most exciting story in your journey? Something that clicked with you and is unforgettable?

My own journey as the founder of Indian Expats in Dubai is very exciting. I am an engineer and an ex-banker by profession. A few years back, I would never have thought that social media could ever play any role in setting off a new career stream for me. Now when I look back, the achievements thrill me. It is exciting to see the way IED has grown over limited period of time and the impact its activities has created is commendable. I advise the readers to always keep eyes open and never under estimate personal capabilities. I am a true example of that and you can be one too.


What makes you different from all other community builders?  

There are so many other Facebook or WhatsApp groups that have been created, but I can see the lack of focus and mission with these. I have relied on twelve years of corporate experience to run this very professionally and the structure of the community has been highly sustainable. I strongly believe, the operational structure of IED is a differentiator.


What are your present priorities and where do you envision yourself in the future? What are your strengths? How did you discover them?

I currently wish to expand Indian Expats in Dubai and encourage members to multiply in numbers. On another note, I am planning on starting multiple wings to make this community more accessible and relatable to people.

My strength is my family, IED team, my followers who are always there to support. In Future, I want to cater to every Indian in Dubai so that any new expat here could feel comfortable because Indian Expats in Dubai is there to see to all of their needs, requirements and engagements.


What advice do you have for mothers and wives? How do you believe they should make personal development and growth possible?

We woman are blessed to be very good at multitasking and we need to take out time for ourselves. We have many roles to play and we can play them very well. We must understand that we can be totally independent, should we choose to be that.  We do not need to be dependent on anyone for anything. IED really motivates and supports women who want to take their first step to launch a career of a small business. We are 100% entrepreneurship friendly and supportive.


Why an entrepreneur needs a community, in your view?

Community supports, it provides out reach! Every woman entrepreneur needs a community where she is known, recognized, referred and supported. It will help in sustaining business and growing it.


What are the long-term goals for Indian Expats in Dubai? How do you plan to achieve them?

Indian Expats in Dubai has one simple long term goal – to be one stop shop solution for any Indian expat living in Dubai and the UAE catering to engaging them constructively, supporting their businesses and helping them as a social community. Simple goal has a simple  plan: focus, consistency and hard-work.


What values structure is followed by Indian Expats in Dubai? Share more about the system and also a little bit about the process involved in setting up those rules.

We are very careful in ensuring the safety of the community. We validate and verify recommendations. Profiles of all applicants are reviewed before approval for community membership. We are an equal opportunity group and every business that gets support from Indian Expats in Dubai has to undergo due diligence and checks for legal practices.


Who or what has inspired the formation of Indian Expats in Dubai?

It has been inspired by various Facebook groups and communities but it was more about finding the market gap, addressing the cause and then running this community with the right mission and vision.

Where do you see yourself as a founder in next 5 years?

I have started the path of taking Indian expats in dubai to global channels and post 5 years, I expect a bigger, nicer, expanded community.


What does it take to set up something from scratch and building upwards? How has been your own experience?

This has been an overwhelming experience. We have a joke at home that IED is my second baby (laughs, I mean it though). Before covid no one could imagine IED becoming so big or doing so much so there is a sense of satisfaction but having said that, I am aware and I am conscious to keep my creativity and my efforts always ongoing.

Give one special message to our readers.

Dream big Act Bigger. Fly high and work towards your dreams and goals.

How can readers connect with your brand?

They can find us on any digital channel – we are available on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter or simply google us.