Meet with Shital Daxini – Face behind Shivane Hydra Solutions

Meet with this visionary woman who wishes healthy life for all – Shital Daxini is known for Shivane Hydra Solutions. Her mantra is ionized alkaline water is equal to healthy and happy life.

Shital Daxini, during her expat life in Dubai, got inspired to raise health awareness among people as she saw the day to day stressful, fast paced professional life is affecting people’s wellness. She has been working as an entrepreneur, founding Shivane Hydra Solutions, to provide people with the best water for not just hydration but to ensure water heals them and sustains vitality. Shivane Hydra Solutions holds the mission to educate people about their health and encourages them to make correct lifestyle choice by choosing Kangen as it will certainly improve their wellbeing (physical, mental and financial).

Shital is a home-preneur, a fashion model, and an independent distributor of Kangen Ionized Alkaline Water machine. Kangen water ionizer machine is considered a top rated, leading health product worldwide. Shital says, “We spend mindlessly on little things such as snacks, fizzy drinks, casual clothes, fast food, bottled water along with so many day-to-day items that nobody is consciously thinking of; but we are not focusing on the health aspect. We never worry over, how the bottled water will affect the hydration and healing process inside the body. We just drink it because we are thirsty. After discovering about Kangen water, I understood my passion for health could become a mission. I decided to raise health awareness starting from hydration and have now a business that changes lives for the better”.

shital DaxiniShital believes in holistic health and this is a major reason she advises everyone who cares for themselves to hydrate with the healing and healthy water from Kangen. She says, “If you cannot take care of physical health, you may be losing on mental health which in turn will impact your physical, mental and financial well-being. We are offering a solution for all three”. Enagic is a Japanese Company that manufactures Kangen Ionized Alkaline Water Ionizer machine. Kangen in Japanese means: Back to Origin. The idea is to take people back to the roots of human origin to facilitate healing of the body. For More than 40 years, Kangen Water has been used in Japan to help restore the body to its original (alkaline) state. The water hydrates, cleanses and restores good health. Enagic, indeed, is a renowned brand that has changed many lives through Kangen Water.

As 72% of our body is water, good water is the key to healthy and happy life. Ionized Alkaline Water can neutralize acid in your bloodstream and prevent diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. It also decreases cholesterol, blood sugar and regulates high blood pressure. It hydrates body well. Kangen water also has the quality of relieving the body of toxins and chemicals that are usually consumed with fruits and vegetables. Kangen water improves energy, reduces aging and accelerates metabolism. It improves overall gut health.

Shital Daxini gives this message to her readers, “Please take correct and well-thought decisions for your own and your family’s health. Alkaline and ionized water with good food makes life great.