Untold First Date Rules

First dates can be nerve wrecking, conversation can be hard, opinions might be misunderstood and to make it worse, people always misrepresent themselves. Most first dates are quite uncomfortable while others are very easy and flow with ease. Have you ever been on a date where you seem to be getting along well, hit it…

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Are you an active listening woman

Are you an active listening woman?

Why do people struggle to have conversations with women? A man is trying to build a connection with you but clearly, you find yourself continuously correcting him during the conversation. Do you allow your feelings and habits to interfere with your responses during conversations? Your kid runs up to you to tell her beautiful doll…

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Quick Tips for Career Women

10 Quick Tips for Career Women

Women are continuously moving to careers traditionally male-dominated. Traditionally, men were primary providers of income to the family. However, economic pressure and financial incentives are changing the narrative. Plan your career Women have a whole range of issues from skill set deficit, underpayment, and financial worries, going through a divorce to feeling stuck.  Lack of…

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