About Us

About Us

Stylfemina is a women’s magazine available digitally and in print. It is powered by Impact Events & Media – FZCO, based in Dubai, UAE. It is a popular publication fostering womanhood – dedicated towards guiding, entertaining and empowering women through day to day life. Impact Media’s vision for informing and reshaping attitudes and perceptions of modern women is at the basis of Stylfemina. It believes in the values of integrity, creativity, innovation, honesty and consistency. It does not present, support or criticize any political or religious views but is a harbinger of peaceful and unbiased communication to its readers.

At Stylfemina, we are devoted exclusively to furnish everyone out there with their favorite subject. On this website you will find important information about social issues that may shape your life with a different angle. We appreciate and support innovation by encouraging women entrepreneurs to share the stories of their experiences with our readers. These real life stories bring inspiration and motivation for aspiring women. Our Gossip section presents views of bloggers and writers who have an opinion to share with our readers. Their witty articles are not only amusing but enlightening too. Contributors are also from among women business owners and entrepreneurs. The features interviews have views and stories from women leaders who are excelling in their respective fields and are willing to share experiences and insights to help others excel too. All interviews and stories are published with the consent of the contributors and interviewees.

We have a diverse group of contributors who are beauticians, life coaches, psychologists, and medical writers. Together they share their thoughts and ideas on our platform to benefit you throughout your life. You can be sure that the information you are reading on this site is well-researched and authentic. Our editorial standards are top-notch and we carefully check every piece of writing before we publish it here on our blog.

We are committed to continued provision of accurate, interesting, fun, logical and quality information to our readers that they desire about the modern social life. We combine inspiring topics such as love, sex, parenting, life advice, health, pregnancy and fashion. We aim to become the largest blog in the world where unique visitors can come to get insightful information about relevant issues affecting them in their day to day life. We believe that building this blog will go a long way in helping us achieve our goal. Our goal is to be able to build a large and interactive audience that will enlighten with our informative pieces. When we impact positively on our reader’s life we feel happy and content that we have done a good job.

Our audience keeps on growing steadily every other day and every month we get over 300k unique visitors to our website and dedicated readers to the print version of our magazine. This is what makes us keep blogging by providing useful information to our readers because we know that we are impacting the lives of different people nobly. We offer advice in parenting, personal development and more to empower women across the globe as stronger women make healthier and mightier society. We participate in women empowerment activities and support women dominated events.

We publish various articles that talk about health, pregnancy and parenting so that we have almost everybody out there covered. Parents, lovers, students, people seeking encouragement, and those looking for new fashion trends can find insightful information from our blog. We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing our readers with only the best and relevant information that they need for their lives. We help expectant mothers get all the information they need to know in order for them to have safe and better pregnancies. We help couples find out about what they are doing wrong in the bedroom and provide them with information about what they can do to improve their relationships. Stylfemina remains committed to helping its readers find information they need that will help them in their lives. You may approach us through our contact us page if you would like to contribute to our blog or have insightful suggestions. We like to stay connected with you.