The Powerful Muse of Tatiana Yatlo

Tatiana Yatlo an international award winning, visual artist, specialized in oil painting who uses her creativity to spark the imagination of others. She creates commissioned art, provides art workshops, art classes and art meetings for kids and adults. She participates in art exhibitions and conferences in the UAE and other parts of the world. She has received many honorary awards, certificates and accolades. Tatiana is also a Guinness record holder. Speaking about her passion for art, Tatiana says, “Art represents to me, a great value, a sublime meaning of life and a sublime message to all humanity; Art is my message in the life”.

Tatiana is a self-made person, who strongly believes in herself. The greatest achievement in her is to get to know herself, understand her, her needs and have the courage to do what she wants to do. She has always believed in her own self, even when nobody else did. She is disciplined, systematic and resilient. Talking about her personal strengths, she says, “A strong woman never gives up. She achieves greater hieghts. Remember, success attracts success”. Tatiana’s success ensues from her focus and determination to success. She continues to be the best version of herself at all times and remains dedicated to her life’s purpose as an artist. She specicalizes in realism and her works reveal her individuality very prominently. She likes the mix medium portraits of women as she believes, “Most of the women in the portraits carry their own story, but everywhere I show beauty of women’s soul and body: her feminine feelings, values, emotions, energy”.

The most exciting part of her life was the change she experienced after giving birth to her son. She is a different person with him as love for her child brings her more happiness. Her son has brought true taste of life, good energy and joy for her.  Talking about her priorities, Tatiana shares, “My priorities are improvement, happiness, and creativity”. In future she wants to have a big art gallery not just in Dubai but with branches in the world. It will be a place for multitalented artists to showcase their work, network and thrive. She wants to create a foundation for women artists, to motivate and support them in their journey.

Tatiana advises women to be courageous in the wake of difficulties and cherish their feminine energy. It will allow them face their challenges with responsibility. They will grow with every step. She also advises women to have self-love. She says, “Love yourself, make things and choose activities that make you happy. Be fearless and choose your projects and work on them to success. No matter what difficulties come your way, never give up!” Tatiana is greatly inspired by her late grandmother who was an epitome of strength and resilience. She wishes to create a movie on her grandmother’s life one day. Tatiana is a strong woman with great aspirations. Talking about her own journey she closes the discussion by saying, “I was looking for someone to motivate me, support me, and inspire me, someone who would keep me focused, who would love me and make me happy and then, I realized that all along I was looking for myself”.

You may connect with Tatiana on Instagram: @yatlo_art