Mona Ali Hussain

Dr. Mona Ali Hussain

The CEO & Founder of Naturally Number One About Naturally Number One: Dr Mona Ali Hussain founded the organic skin care brand called Naturally Number One Cosmetics. The brand is known for its superior quality products that rejuvenate and repair skin. Naturally Number One is a manufacturing company that provides top of the tier skin…

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Jaya Menezes

The Trailblazer in Education – Jaya Menezes

Consistency, clarity of vision, commitment to goals and passion make powerful leaders. Meet with Mrs Jaya Menezes, who has decades of commendable leadership in education, leading larger teams, training professionals, mentoring teachers, motivating and supporting students through years to ensure greater success for everybody around her. Her interview is shared with you in her own…

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Dr Adil Dalal

Award Winning Executive Leader, Dr Adil Dalal, Shares Stress Management Strategies

Dr. Adil Dalal states, “women Entrepreneurs Must Overcome Stress and Elevate Life”. A toxic combination of stress, anxiety and mental disorders fused together form the modern day ‘social-atomic-bomb’ which is debilitating billions of people on this planet. The demographic most impacted by this are female leaders around the globe. Chronic stress appears to be a…

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Dr Prriya Porwal

Meet with Dr. Prriya Porwal

About Dr. Prriya Porwal: Dr Prriya is a pediatric dentist by profession. She completed her BDS and MDS in Dental Surgery in India. Intrigued by psychology, she pursued clinical hypnotherapy training at CHII. In 2017, she moved to the UAE, but as per the eligibility requirements, she could only start she professional journey by 2019….

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