Advocate Sheela – The Dedicated Humanitarian

The dedicated humanitarian – Advocate Sheela, revered for her work for Expats in the UAE.

About Adv Sheela’s Career:

Opportunities do not come your way easily but have to be grabbed. I believe in creating opportunities and choices via empowerment and awareness thereby transforming lives and bringing about a positive change in people’s lives. Adv Sheela by name is a brand and well known to all. I am a practicing lawyer in the UAE for the last 25 years – being the founder and CEO of Najmah Group of Companies, constituting law firm, recruitment agency, management consultancy, event production and general trade. During Covid, we started a new corporate office with headquarters in UK, UAE AND INDIA to hire healthcare professionals for the UK and UAE.

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is quite essential to acquire the breadth of skills beyond literacy and numeracy to grow and to engage more. My experiences are so vast in handling people’s legal issues. I rely on mediation and mentoring individuals.

Adv Sheela’s Achievements:

Education is the most important element of success. Conversion of theory to practice is a longer process. During this journey experience falls in your way. That is the second factor to stretch your hand towards becoming richer in achieving name and fame.

The key to my success is knowledge, definitely,

along with a human touch. Being good human and trying to put myself in the clients’ shoes and solving their problems is the core quality of my profession. I don’t leave anyone midway with problems.

Adv Sheela’s Source of Motivation:


My hardworking parents are my guru. My dad was an army officer and mother is a care giver who has always taken care of the home. I have six siblings and all are well-educated professionals. Our home and the society were good teachers for us in childhood. Being a big family we valued and respected mentorship. Nobody motivates anybody, it is self who does so. You need to be God fearing and skilled to use your strengths and education to make a good life possible.

The Most Exciting Time in Adv Sheela’s Life:

Last five years of my life were exciting. Especially the time when I was working with people during Covid-19, helping them regain some control of their lives and go back to their homeland. I was safe with no virus attack and I did over 100 covid tests and my good health supported my mission as I worked tirelessly for the blue collared people and repatriated more than 15,000 people to their home country. I am always thankful to the authorities of this country and the consulates of respective countries for being generous and cooperative. Many good people like you readers have supported me through this to accomplish my mission.

THE MISSION CONTINUES AND THERE IS NO SINGLE WEEKEND WITHOUT VISITING LABOUR CAMPS AND THE NEEDY FOR FREE CONSULTATION. I Spend 3 hours from 7 am to 10 am on Fridays or Saturday in the midst of people who need me.

An Advice from Adv Sheela:

Just remember everything is made with a purpose. None is useless. Women build a home and a nation. Education is a deep element of understanding things but nevertheless life experiences teach us to handle issues.

Adv Sheela’s Inspirations:

My father is my hero but my competitors inspire me too. My other inspirations are ABDUL KALAM, NELSON MANDELA AND INDIRA GANDHI JI.

Contact Adv Sheela:

My whatsapp is 050 5976953 or email me at