Amazing Brands for less

Summer is here; how do you think I know? My skin gets irritated and dehydrated, that is how I know. With the harshness that summer has brought, you and me, all of us need to treat our skin with quick and light skin-care products that will soothe and hydrate the skin without leaving the skin oily. If you are looking for products that will protect your skin from sun damage or dehydration, here is a list for you:

Cleanse the dirt off

  • The first product I would want you to try is Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. This fuss-free

product has gel like texture and leaves the skin smooth and clean without foaming up. It has rose water added to it which makes this product to leave the skin oil and dirt free. To buy this product, click here.

  • One of the skin-care brands that really has me impressed is Omorovicza. One of the product that I have adopted to fight this summer is Cashmere Cleanser, a product containing essential hydrators, Vitamins A and E. The product fulfills the meaning of its name as it really gives the skin a feel of Cashmere. Formula is lotion like, however, it is light and easy to wash off, leaving the skin damp and fresh. It is a bit luxurious but it is worth its cost. Click here to buy this amazing product.

Give your skin a boost

  • I can relate if you have no time to treat your skin by taking a cotton swab soaked with toner. One of the best choices that I have made to tone my skin up is Facial Spray with Aloe,

  • Cucumber and Green Tea by Mario Badescu. This mist works best in leaving the skin cool and moisturized. Just spray your face with it and there you go! Follow the link to buy the product.
  • Vichy Mineral 89 50ml is another product I would want you to try out. A tip is to use it right after your toner. The product contains Hyaluronic acid that works perfectly to repair the

skin damage caused by sun, moisturizes the skin and works wonder in boosting the skin up. You can buy it now, here.

Keep your skin hydrated

  • Bio-derma Moisturizing Gel Cream is handy for irritated or inflamed skin from the heat. It is a great solution for your tender skin at very low cost. It is a gel type cream containing

Vitamin E that nourishes the skin and leaves it moisturized. I really love the cooling effect it gives to my skin. You should also try it if you are also facing the tragedy of dehydrated skin. Buy now.

  • I also tried Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel as a remedy for dehydration and the result was wonderful. It is a lightweight moisturizer, repairs the peeling skin so good that you would not want to replace it for anything. Leaves no grease on the skin and smells nice and sweet. Oil-free texture also allows you to use it as a primer for your makeup. Click here to buy the amazing product.

Protection is above all

  • Repair comes later. First you need to protect all you can. Pixie Sun Mist, Broad Spectrum SPF30, is one of the best sunscreen products to keep with you when going out. The milky a

nd hydrating product has its effect in blocking the sun rays. It is easy to carry and quick to apply; comes in a spray bottle which can easily make its space in your bag. You can always find it in my bag if you get a chance to look inside. Here is where you can get the product.

  • Shiseido’s Clear Stick UV Protector WetForce SPF 50+ is handier than you think. If you are going on a hike or planning to spend a day on a beach, this is the product you need to take

with you. I love this product as it is transparent and can be applied under makeup. It becomes more effective when mixed with water. This is where to buy this product.