Dr. Mona Ali Hussain

Mona Ali Hussain

The CEO & Founder of Naturally Number One

About Naturally Number One:

Dr Mona Ali Hussain founded the organic skin care brand called Naturally Number One Cosmetics. The brand is known for its superior quality products that rejuvenate and repair skin. Naturally Number One is a manufacturing company that provides top of the tier skin care products including day cream, night cream, anti-aging cream, exfoliator, facial toner and skin whitening cream. The brand also has a hair re-growth formula called Hair Elixir. The company is trusted for producing natural and chemical free skin and hair care products. The founder, Dr. Mona Ali Hussain states, “The company started 2 years ago, but we only entered the market a few months back as we first introduced our products to clinics, doctors, and beauty technicians for feedback. We wanted to ensure we deliver the quality that other might find hard to beat. Thankfully, we received amazing feedback. Consequently, we are very popular among women especially as the best organic skincare brand. We are currently in collaboration with a number of clinics, pharmacies and beauty salons. We also have an outlet at the beautiful Dubai Mall”.

Inspiration behind the Naturally Number One Cosmetics:

Talking about what drove Dr Mona to research, innovate in skin care and launch Naturally Number One brand, she shared, “It’s the copious use of chemical ingredients, emulsifiers, and preservatives in cosmetic products, their possible long term side effects on health and the environment”. She wanted to offer consumers best natural products that are free from such chemicals and comprised of the purest and most effective natural ingredients.

Dr. Mona initially wanted to solve her own aging and hair fall challenges, and her journey of research brought her to manufacture products for Naturally Number One Cosmetics and eventually she launched her own range. “Being a research scientist, that was a challenge, which I patiently pursued for a period of 10 years. But I thouroughly enjoyed every step of research, development and trials. It’s feedbacks from my subjects such as ‘I don’t need to use a foundation anymore – my skin is glowing and wrinkles have disappeared – my hair fall has stopped – my under- eye bags and dark circles

have improved – Alopecia is no more – my hair is growing back stronger and healthier- my melasma is improving’ is what kept me going and made it all worth the while,” She shares her thoughts.

Rejuvinate & Revive your skin with organic skin care range by Naturally Number One Cosmetics

The range of products in Naturally Number One:

Currently, Naturally Number One Cosmetics has a range of 6 skin care and one hair care product. The brand is bringing forward 4 more new products that have already formulated and are ready to launch. The skin care range includes, a day cream, night cream, an under-eye cream, a skin whitening cream, and an exfoliant. All of these products have an anti-aging effect, as they are fortified with collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, in addition to a plethora of natural antioxidants, hydrants, nutrients, and anti inflamatories. Dr. Mona shares some facts about her brand’s use of high end ingredients, “The employed ingredients in our products are carefully chosen to work synergistically and achieve the required results, avoiding the use of ingredients which may affect

individuals with nut and fish allergies. Both our Day and Whitening cream, offer a natural Sun Protection Factor (S.P.F) of 50+, therefore, obviating the use of a sunscreen. Our exfoliant uses fruit enzymes to remove dry and dead skin cells, and as it also contains collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The newly exposed cells are directly supplied with these essential anti-aging elements. Our 6th skin care product is the toner, which is a non-irritating, deep cleanser. It helps to reduce the size of skin pores, leaving the skin clean, refreshed, and well hydrated. As for our hair care product, it is a cream that is applied to the scalp twice a day. It absorbs quickly, without leaving greasy hair. It does not need to be washed out right after use. It helps to stop hair fall, fill gaps, boost stronger and healthier hair”.

Innovation in Naturally Number One Cosmetics:

Dr. Mona Ali has been solely responsible for the research and development of our formulations and totally involved in the production process, both as a participant and an observer. She has used innovative methods to create the products. Talking about the nature of products and her work, she states, “The biggest challenge in creating the products, is to ensure they achieve the required results and match what’s written on the labels. For example, to achieve the anti-aging effect, the essential elements of collagen and elastin, which are large protein molecules, need to be broken down to a particular size, that allows their optimal absorption into the second layer of the skin, where they are needed to work. I have developed a method, unique to Naturally Number One, which uses fruit enzymes to break down these molecules into the optimum sizes that allows their easy and deep penetration into the skin, and therefore be more effective.

Dr. Mona shares more of her challenges as a manufacturing innovator, “The second challenge for me was to attain a shelf life of two years without the use of chemical preservatives. I have made that possible. However, the hardest task was also the formulation of the hair cream, due to the time required before results are seen in trials, and the creation of an oil-based formulation to absorb quickly without leaving a greasy feel to the hair, and of course to be effective.

Currently, I’m facing the hardest challenge of all, which is the formulation of a natural and chemical free hair straightening cream. I reached the stage of achieving a water-resistant natural hair straightener. I am now working on making it shampoo and soap resistant, so it would be a permanent hair straightener.

The uniqueness of Naturally Number One Costmetics:

Naturally Number One is different in many ways. Firstly, the factory is really a large laboratory, where products are prepared in sterile conditions, using aseptic techniques. Secondly, they do not use chemical ingredients and/or chemical emulsifiers and preservatives, which could have a harmful effect on both individuals and the environment. Thirdly, their products may contain up to 70 different ingredients, which are carefully and laboriously prepared. Fourthly, unlike most creams, water is not used as a hydrant and/or solvent, simply because the skin is water-tight. Instead, the brand uses natural plant hydrants, which actually penetrate the skin and offer deep hydration. Although this is a more costly step, we prefer to offer quality rather than gain profit. Fifthly, we do not use outer packages as our contribution to a sustainable environment. Accordingly, if you are health and environmentally conscious, we hope Naturally Number One will be your choice.

Importance of organic products for skin care:

Dr Mona contends, “Skin is the largest organ in our body and what we massage into our skin, can get to the blood stream and affect our system. Therefore, chronic exposure to chemical ingredients in creams, can in the long term affect both our health and our environment. Although more research is needed in this area, there is definitely an argument in the preference of using natural and chemical free products”.

Her message for the readers:

“Please read the ingredients in your skin and hair care products carefully, and look out for chemical ingredients and formulas. Unfortunately, there are a lot of products in the market, which claim to be

organic and natural, but on closer inspection, one will find that only a few natural components are added to a largely chemical formulation. Additionally, please look out for the concentration of these natural ingredients in the formulations. Usually, the ingredients are written in one section of the labels. If the natural ingredients among all others are at the bottom of the ingredients list, that means they are in the lowest concentration in the mix”.

Contact Naturally Number One Cosmetics:

Naturally Number One Cosmetics can be reached via our landline: +97142717992, online through our website, www.naturallynumberone.com, our Instagram page is @naturallynumberone. We are also present at noon.com and Dubai Store. Also, we have a pop up at #department store in Dubai Mall, fountain view (the new extension of the Mall, near China town).