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We are excited to announce that is now open to receiving blog posts by guest bloggers and writers. We believe in hosting a wide varieties of views and opinions, and hope to offer a platform for writers of all skill levels—yes, that includes writers with zero experience—to share their ideas, visions and thus gain recognition in the wider world because of them.

Anyone is allowed to submit a guest post provided they follow some basic conventions in addition to the specific guidelines mentioned below.

More Guidelines as per 2022 policy

With reference to our guest posting rules, Stylfemina reserves the right to reject any article for any reason it deems appropriate. However, we want to reassure our potential guest writers that any decision concerning rejection or acceptance will solely be in line with our website’s purpose, our writing guidelines and the relevance, uniqueness and quality of the writer’s work. Your work is far more likely to be approved for publication with the following advice in mind.

Potential guest writers are also reminded that the articles they submit become an asset of stylfemina and we exercise copyrights of that article. We will freely edit, with the author’s consent, any aspect or rephrase any content we deem unsatisfactory before publishing. Furthermore, once published, the article will not be posted on any other publication—electronic or physical.

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