Meet with UK’s Political Strategist and Philanthropist Dr Moriah Priestley

Dr Moriah Priestley

Dr. Moriah Priestley, the CEO of Visioneer BN Leadership Network, is an accomplished management consultant and a political trailblazer in the UK. She has recently been awarded the Leadership Personality Excellence Award 2024 by H. H. Sheikh Salem Bin Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qassimi (represented by his brother H. H. Sheikh Mayed Bin Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qassimi). She is revered for managing her business and the political career with dedication. She has been serving various UK bodies and companies in other parts of Europe facilitating growth in social care and healthcare policies.

As an African woman in Europe she has made quite a career, working alongside government administrations, representing ethnic minorities on political platform, and initiating philanthropic projects.

Dr. Moriah Priestley has been the first African female politician in her region who had the honor of becoming the first ethnic minority Cabinet Member for economic development. She is also the first African female mayoral nominee in the UK, who has been overseeing the operational growth of a social enterprise that works to support political leaders and entrepreneurs.

 Through relentless will to grow and sheer devotion, she has managed to support over three thousand leaders and entrepreneurs across the UK, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. Her recently won award in Dubai is yet another unlocked avenue where she aims to play further by empowering women entrepreneurs in Dubai through her highly sought-aftertraining program called “Insight Coaching”.

Nousheen Mukhtar, H. H. Sheikh Mayed Bin Sultan Bin Saqr Al Qassimi and Dr. Moriah Priestley

Dr. Moriah’s Achievements and Career Highlights:

Talking about her work and her achievements, Dr. Moriah Priestley shared, “My most significant project has been when my social enterprise partnered with the Prime Ministers office to support leaders from across the UK from African and Asia to get nominated for Queens Honours Awards”. Dr. Priestley has also been recognized by the UK government as one of the eleven female pioneer awardees in October 2023 for her pioneering spirit in politics within the UK.

Driving Force for Developing a Political Career:

The galvanizing force behind her political works has been the drive for justice and visibility for vulnerable people in the UK system. The people who have been at a disadvantage, have been there due to lack of support, scarcity of opportunity and lack of visibility; Dr. Moriah works to propel people who are motivated to go to the deserved hieghts. She strives to provide these three essentials either directly through her social enterprise or by orchestrating platfroms that can equip people with tools for progress.


Dr. Moriah is also a philanthropist who have been striving to add value to people’s lives through humanitarian causes. Talking about this side of her work, she states, “I am currently working on developing a global mentoring program for people in leadership within business and politics that is currently being pulled together as we speak”.

The Biggest Challenge:

As every woman experiences different challenges during her journey, Dr. Moriah, has also her challenges that deter her path often and push her in different directions. A few of the challenges she faces, include, finding the balance between motherhood, running her businesses and working in politics. She is a driver by nature and it is often difficult for her to choose to stop, prioritise and switch. She speaks about her struggle with balance and says, “I’m currently receiving coaching and very stern lessons from my loved ones around that, and it is helping me in many ways”.

Her Leadership in 3 Countries:

Dr. Moriah is highly motivated and determined to win on multiple avenues in three countries – the UK, Africa and the UAE. As she sees, “There is a single issue which is key across these three continents, that is the use of resources, upscaling and developing affordable housing and communities. My aim would be to look at how I can work with key stakeholders, governments, businesses, NGOs, et cetera to build a vision that crosses the three continents around the above areas”.

Advice to Business Women:

Dr. Moriah works closely will women to raise awareness towards building resources, increasing visbility and fostering leadership qualities. She believes women lack support and opportunity. She states, “I find that a lot of women have challenges with self-worth imposter syndrome and esteem so anything that will support them in this additional area would make them invincible as business leaders”. She encoruages women to break the galss ceiling and continue the path towards success with full confidence.

Greatest Aspiration:

We asked Dr. Moriah if she is given a magic wand, how would she use it; quite interestingly, she aspires for greatness through practical knoweldge sharing and skill development. She states, “My magic wand would be used to build centres of learning and excellence that would be a combination of universities and technical expertise centres for people to gain knowledge, but also apply that knowledge and develop their skill in those chosen areas. It’s one thing to be intellectual. It’s quite another to understand how to apply knowledge profitably”. She aspires to spread awareness for understanding ways to make profitbale use of skills and knowledge.  

Connect with Dr. Moriah:

You may connect with Dr. Moriah Priestley on LinkedIn.