How To Generate Free Leads For My Business

how to generate free leads for my business

Are you a small business entrepreneur struggling with conversion for your business? Here are some ideas to help you. A few years ago content marketing was a viable way to grow your business database. Customers habits are changing quickly, maybe what they needed one month ago is no longer a priority to them. A market has to come up with new lead generation strategies to keep up with the customers changing habits. The marketers need to watch their new ways of shopping for goods and services. In general, the quality of leads is as important as the quantity you generate. Unfortunately, only 10%  of marketers feel their lead generation campaigns were fruitful.

  1. Email marketing

Start your email marketing campaigns by reaching out to potential clients. Do personalized emails. You can use email to initiate a conversation between you and your customers. It is important that your subscribers are excited to receive your emails as part of lead generation.

  1. Blogging

Blogging keeps the website fresh with content. You need to include hyperlinks within the posts with a call-to-action message. Blogging 6-8 times a month can increase your lead volume significantly.

And remember:

To place the call-to-action in separate pages of the website.

  1. Regular posts on the social media platform

Posting regularly on your social media handle attracts a loyal following. Regular posts make you thrive on dialogue. The goal of doing the posts is to share information and interact with the audience.

  1. Networking

While digital marketing is an awesome way to drive traffic, but face-face when you want to develop a trust factor. You can become a presenter at a networking event for only 10-15 minutes.  The presentation is one of the lead generation strategies that can result to direct leads or second-hand recommendations from friends. It is an opportunity to learn about the prospects habits first-hand.

  1. Design amazing offers

What offers do you have for your customers, Free trials, Coupons, product demos, downloads, free tools, or white paper? Make the value of the offer look irresistible to the customers. Great offers nurture existing leads. Target the right buyer with your offer. For example, a marketer for a plumbing business can offer an e-book on how to unblock a minor plumbing problem. Additionally, you can offer coupons for moderate plumbing issues. Design lead capture forms as a gateway to the offers.

While there are a lot of stuff marketers do to generate leads, it all comes out to the lead generation ideas they put in place. Therefore, you need to plan an effective strategy to make the most of your business marketing campaigns