Dr Adil Dalal

Award Winning Executive Leader, Dr Adil Dalal, Shares Stress Management Strategies

Dr. Adil Dalal states, “women Entrepreneurs Must Overcome Stress and Elevate Life”. A toxic combination of stress, anxiety and mental disorders fused together form the modern day ‘social-atomic-bomb’ which is debilitating billions of people on this planet. The demographic most impacted by this are female leaders around the globe. Chronic stress appears to be a…

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Dr Prriya Porwal

Meet with Dr. Prriya Porwal

About Dr. Prriya Porwal: Dr Prriya is a pediatric dentist by profession. She completed her BDS and MDS in Dental Surgery in India. Intrigued by psychology, she pursued clinical hypnotherapy training at CHII. In 2017, she moved to the UAE, but as per the eligibility requirements, she could only start she professional journey by 2019….

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Dr Tatiana Khoury

Women’s Health Advocate, Breast Radiologist, Dr Tatiana Khoury

“Dreams have no gender and that perseverance knows no bounds” – says Dr. Tatiana Khoury. Clemenceau Medical Center Hospital Dubai, one of the leading multi-specialty hospitals in Dubai, plays a pioneering role in preventing and treating breast cancer, combining its commitment to personalized care and unmatched expertise. With cutting-edge screening programs, early detection initiatives, and innovative…

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Aditi Ameya

Connect to the Quiet Space Within with Aditi Ameya – the Award-Winning Yoga Instructor About Aditi: An internationally certified and qualified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Masters in Dietetics & Food Service Management, Aditi Ameya, is adding value to lives by guiding people to connect to their peaceful inner core. Aditi is an award-winning yoga instructor,…

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Rana Abihayla

The conscious balance within In this fast-paced world we live in, chasing the next thing that brings us joy, satisfaction or security, it is not surprising that we often find ourselves stopping to catch our breath. Sometimes this pause is voluntary, but most of the time our body makes us stop despite our willingness to…

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Meet Top Fitness Trainer in Dubai – Imran Khan

From a certified personal trainer to entrepreneurship, Imran Khan introduces his own health brand TrainTuff365. He has trained diverse people – Indians, Kenyans, Filipinos, Canadians, Egyptians, Italian, British & Australians – thereby making him more adept about fitness aspects related to different lifestyles and staple diets. From age 6-60, people from any ethnicity and profession…

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