Mariah Siddiqui

HR Leader Mariah Siddiqui

Hear from the Rising Star in HR, the Founder of Empleo Consultants About Mariah Siddiqui: I enjoyed a strong stint in Finance at Thomson Reuters before starting Empleo. As much as I loved numbers, my job also included heavy interaction with leaders across various functions. I realized I enjoyed working with people and understanding their…

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3 Ways to Lead with Authenticity

Workplace leaders can add value by being authentic; authenticity triggers motivation and sets a great example for employees at the workplace. Learn more from Oyin in this article. Every leader or aspiring leader in the workplace should know that there are different types of leadership styles. If they read two or more books from the…

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An Interview with Soha Chahine – Career and Emotional Intelligence Coach

Career Growth Accelerator, Emotional Intelligence and Positive Mindset Builder, Soha Chahine, shares facts from her journey that can help millions reach their destined level of success faster.  Soha Chahine is an HR professional, a positive mindset and emotional intelligence coach and a harbinger of happiness for all those who want to tread a purposeful career…

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