Dr. Vrishali Rohankar – The Best General Physician

General Practitioner and Medical Director

Dr. Vrishali is a renowned name in the medical fraternity. She holds an essential appointment as Medical Director and General Practitioner at Aster Clinic on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. She has been practicing for more than two decades.

Dr. Vrishali completed her MBBS from the Krishna Institute of Medical Science, Karad, India. She also attained Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, University of London, UK. In addition, she has a master’s degree in Diabetes Education & Management from Eton University, US.

She is particularly interested in managing diabetes mellitus, Hypertension & Asthma. She is attending local and international courses to keep herself updated with new trends in managing these diseases.

Diseases Dr. Vrishali cures:

Dr. VrishaliDr. Vrishali: Although the scope in the medical field for a General Practitioner is immense, I have specialization in treating patients with acute, chronic diseases. My primary area of interest is Diabetes and Asthma management.

When we talk of asthma, more than 13 % of children have bronchial asthma. I have treated thousands of patients during my two decades of career and have found it prevalent in adults who are smokers. The primary reason for it is mainly due to pollution and poor knowledge about the disease.

Along with medication, I advocate lifestyle changes to manage asthma and diabetes. If we see diabetes, it is primarily a lifestyle disease except for some instances. In urban places, the condition is touching the 25 percent mark, and in the future, it may worsen.

Her Mission and Vision:

Dr. Vrishali: I have a unidimensional vision as a medical professional – “Ethical and affordable health for all.” Ethical because without ethics, a Dr. becomes merely a businessman. We are taught ethics first because thousands of lives are in the hands of a medical professional.

My mission as a doctor evolves with my vision.

My mission is – “Early diagnosis and correct intervention to prevent further complications.”

I keep myself up to date with the recent advancements to serve all strata of society and promote health in an ethical, affordable, and evidence-based way. To use the platform aster gave me to make an impact in the community by reaching out to people to keep them healthy and educate them regarding their health and preventive measures to support them and keep their near and dear ones healthy.

Her Accomplishments:

Dr. Vrishali: In my more than two decades of medical career, I have been instrumental in asthma management with critical patients. I am a mentor and advisor to several young medical professionals and guide them in critical patient management. I have played an active role in supporting asthma patients in Dubai. In addition, I have helped many patients recover from diabetes with simple lifestyle changes.

DiseDr. Vrishaliase preventive recommendations:

Dr. Vrishali: Health is a holistic process, and it does not simply mean the consumption of pharmaceuticals to reset the internal imbalances you have created with your lifestyle practices. Health involves resetting all the offsets from our minds, bodies, intellect, thought, food, environment, work, and other situations that influence our daily lives.

What cannot be controlled – like your genetics – needs medicines. But what can be contained must be identified and dealt with as a priority. Meditation and dhyana are also essential and help stabilize the mind. Similarly, a healthy mind, in return, also helps to develop healthy habits and thus make a healthy body.

Her Motivation & Inspiration:

Dr. Vrishali: My journey in the medical profession started at an early age. I see most teenagers are confused about their life, and there are so many choices. I was lucky since I always wanted to be a doctor. Most of my motivation and inspiration come from my parents. They were the backbone for my success; of course, my hard work and God’s blessings were always there.

The challenging part of life begins when you have achieved your goal; in most cases, complacency sets in. Today, the smile I see on my patients’ faces keeps me moving. Every patient I treat and the smile and hope I put into their lives keep me motivated to continue. When I feel tired, I think about my parents and thousands of patients. Their blessings give me enough strength to stay motivated.

One message for our readers:

Dr. Vrishali: Many people ask me this question, and my answer is – “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano.” It is a Latin proverb, “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” A sound and peaceful mind is the source of happiness and fulfilment. And it is not possible to achieve this without a sound body. The reverse – “A sound body in a sound mind” is also true. Therefore, as a doctor, I will advise all my patients that they should work on themselves first, and we, as doctors, can play an augmenter role by prescribing the medicines they need.

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