Festive Season Starts – UAE Announces National Day Holidays

With the first wave of winter season, the holiday season has started and with this come first the National Day holidays. The UAE government has announced the National Day holidays from Wednesday 1, December 2021 till Saturday, 4 December 2021. Sunday 5 December will be the first working day of the last month of this year. The holidays have been supplemented with Dubai Sales Festival all across the UAE and the shoppers are out enjoying the best possible discounts across all retail vendors in the UAE. The malls are buzzing with shoppers.

According to a recent Oracle retail consumer research study, 66 per cent of UAE shoppers have already begun holiday shopping or plan to purchase earlier than usual due to the worry of supply chain issues and delivery delays.
26 per cent of respondents are ready to pay extra to assure speedier or guaranteed delivery, and 30 per cent intend to purchase more gifts in the event that any are delayed or canceled.” Source LinkedIn

If you are planning a great holiday in the UAE, you must enjoy great deals across brands.