How to Sell to Startups?

sell to start ups

Are you a woman entrepreneur with aim to serve startups? Do you have issues in selling services to startups owned by small business entrepreneur? The truth is selling to startups segments has its own challenges. Why? Each company has its own patterns, unique goals and buying processes.  Did you know that startups market is big yet they are underserved? There is a prevalent misconception about what it takes a marketer to sell to a startup. The startup businesses are ever evolving. So what’s the secret to getting business leads from startups. Here is how to sell to businesses:

It is easier to reach startups

The structure of startups is flat. It means most of the startups have their contacts online unlike corporate. You can reach the founder directly via email or phone call. All you have to do is to be brief and straight to the point. Rather than dealing with a gatekeeper, you talk to the decision maker directly. The structure of startups makes them ready for conversations. All you need is a perfect pitch.

Are you relentless?

Like any other sales, you need to make a follow-up. For startups shooting a thoughtfully crafted quick email to the founder doesn’t hurt. It’s one way you can get their attention because the founder/CEO often pulls in multiple directions. Founders are busy individuals send short friendly reminders about the sale. Tailor your conversation to the founder of the startup. This is the point where you put together a perfect portfolio of the services/products on offer.

Pricing strategy when startup businesses are the target

Contrary to selling to a corporate, most startups would prefer buying products in units. Marketers can decide to negotiate using a tiered pricing strategy while selling their products or services. Business leads can be grouped in terms of service, quantity or quality. The pricing can be divided into low and high tiers. Most startups are either cash-strapped or not ready to commit a lot of funds projects. Small businesses would prefer free trial models.

Demonstrate your product is growing with the startup

A startup may not need the full features of a software product that a corporation requires, example software modules. While selling a marketer can emphasize the new exciting components of the project. Startups are ever changing. To generate business leads from the startup a marketer needs to have constant communication with the founder either weekly or monthly to track their marketing efforts.

Keep it simple to close startup business deals

To close down startup business deals you have to throw out some of the stuff you learned in a business school. No long contracts and bureaucracy.  An email sent to the startup can include the terms of sales. Sound convincing, so that you don’t leave startup without business leads. Most importantly, marketers need to know their products/services inside out.

Build relationships instead of selling

Usually, you deal with the owner that’s how you sell to businesses of a startup in nature. Contrary to corporate where you can rarely meet the CEO, it is a unique opportunity to build a relationship with the decision maker. You need to present yourself as a dependable and flexible product owner.

In summary, you need to build a rapport with the owner of the business. In order to generate business leads recap the startup’s pick pain points and offer a solution.