Excelling at Positioning Ecommerce Brands – Taqua Malik

Taqua Malik

Taqua Malik, the visionary founder of Freedomvisory Ltd., leads a boutique e-commerce agency that delivers premium solutions to global brands seeking entry into the thriving digital economy of the Middle East. With a focus on Amazon, Freedomvisory provides comprehensive, tailored solutions, facilitating access to key marketplaces in the UAE and KSA, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding journey for clients.

Prior to founding Freedomvisory, Taqua garnered invaluable experience supporting some of the most successful sellers on the Amazon US platform since 2015. Her guidance has propelled numerous businesses to achieve million-dollar profits, attesting to her exceptional skill and ability to elevate brands to new heights.

As an established resident of the UAE, Taqua possesses an intimate understanding of the region’s professional landscape. In addition to her Arabian heritage and fluency in English, she possesses a unique ability to navigate cultural nuances between the East and West. Recognizing the immense potential of the rapidly growing Middle Eastern market, Taqua seized the opportunity to launch Freedomvisory, driven by her passion to facilitate connections, bridge gaps, and break down barriers for global brands seeking to establish a presence in the region.

With a commitment to excellence and a deep-seated dedication to her clients’ success, Taqua’s mission is clear: to welcome brands to their new home in the dynamic and promising landscape of the Middle East.

Taqua Malik holds a deep aspiration to not only facilitate connections between global brands and the Middle Eastern market but also to foster a sense of community and collaboration within the industry. She envisions Freedomvisory as a dynamic hub where partnerships thrive and ideas flourish. She believes in the power of representation and seeks to be a role model for others, demonstrating that success knows no gender or cultural bounds.

For entrepreneurs and individuals seeking success and fulfillment, she offers this advice: Embrace passion and purpose by aligning work with genuine interests and serving others. Prioritize continuous learning and growth, embracing challenges as opportunities for development. Lastly, build authentic relationships, by fostering trust, empathy, and collaboration professionally and personally.