The “Stand Out” Entrepreneur Story

What makes you stand out? A general question I have been asked several times. “Just being myself; making my moves my way; wading through life the way I feel I should” – it is simple, predictable and easy to spot answer. But is it enough? Will it keep me on the top?

I know many of my readers will move on, thinking, she is so full of herself. I find it amusing to write most of my thoughts down in first person because I am confiding in my readers and spilling some valuable secrets. Did you smile???

Alright here we go. Yes an entrepreneur has to “stand out”!


Because if you are not standing out, you might find it harder to attract more business, live happily through first three years of your business life, and PROGRESS! But remember, you do not need a heart wrenching story of calamity to stand out …

Here is what I believe will make you stand out:

  1. YOU

You are the most important stake holder in your business, even more important than your buyer. Thousands might disagree but here is how I see it: You bring your personality to the business, your passion, your style, your way of solving problems, your way of making happiness possible for people around you. If you are not consistent, creative, innovative, resilient, determined, motivated, and above all happy enough, you are less likely to stand out. Your ability to adapt to changes, manage challenges, solve issues, create solutions, build a culture, and in short, MAKE a small world of your own in your niche is what will make you stand out. I know it feels like a lot to do, but that’s what you are made for: A Lot to Do and A Lot to Gain! Isn’t it true?



“You are always either in to something or up to something, are you as organized in your personal life as you are at work?” A client dropped this line while having coffee with me three years ago. Balance is my keyword. When you talk about work, personal life, social life, economic, and universal issues, what so ever – my answer is always balance. Balance will save it all. Have well-thought out, organized, and balanced activities in business and in your own life. Even things out. Have an equal interest in yourself, in people, places, chores, achievements, and goals. That will certainly make you attractive and known for more than just your business. Your activities should span on everything that interests you – I have discovered that diversity works like a magnet. The more diverse your activities are, the more you will attract – friends, clients, lovers and haters. Dream, Aim, Plan, Act, Achieve for yourself, for your business, for the society, and keep growing the circle wider – the bigger the better! Will you need a stand out strategy? Will it happen on its own without your aiming to stand out?



Who do you serve? People! Who stands by you? People! Who do you wish to stand out among? People! What will make you stand out? Prominence! Among who? People! Why every question ends with one word – people. Whether you have a 1 man’s company or 1000 men’s company, you are serving people. CARE FOR PEOPLE. You are surrounded by people all the time, everywhere – of course not when you are in a cell. Kidding! Now here is the thing. You will stand out when you have people who believe in you, look up to you, have words to endorse you, have reverence for what you do and what you aim to do, share common vision with you and are willing to give you a push when you need one. This will happen when you are compassionate, kind, and helpful. You care for people.


Yes, build your tribe – that’s the key to ……. I will not say more. You have to do these and let me know your thoughts before I go on towards sharing more.