Eroticism and Intimacy: How to Merge the Two in a Long-term Relationship

Eroticism and Intimacy How to Merge the Two in a Long-term Relationship

Sexuality is something that can be considered as the energizing factor in an individual’s whole life. At its top, sex is the determining factor of the complexity and intimacy of a relationship and the deepness of the emotional bond between couples. The best approach to understand it is by the dynamics of the relevant relationship. A vigorously healthy sexual life represents the quality of emotional bond exiting between couples. According to my experience, the couples that tend to cherish one another; are affectionate towards their love and do whatever it takes to confirm the growth of their relationship. They are satisfied with their sexual lives. On contrary to this aspect most of the couples face problems in merging intimacy and eroticism in their dedicated relationship. Nowadays couples are facing a common problem of reduced sexual desire after dating for a couple of months even after establishing a deeper intimate and emotional bond. They still have to struggle to feel the excitement and sexual desire.

What do they mean?

Before moving towards the solution of this problem I will clarify about the actual meanings of intimacy and Eroticism because many people tend to submerge their meanings. It would eventually illuminate my point and give you a clearer look at the matter.

Meaning of Eroticism

When I talk about “eroticism” I am basically referring to the excitement and desire. This might include kink, fantasies and fetishes. Further on it might also include liveliness and assisting you to be more open minded while having sex instead of being stuck inside of your head. It particularly makes you realize what you need or it helps you to notice, moreover there has to be sexual confidence and expression. Normally it does not contradict with anyone’s love or emotions but sometimes it does.

Actually, we repeatedly comprehend eroticism as contradictory to love, which is the most important part of the problem.

Meaning of Intimacy

Coming towards intimacy, when I talk about it am actually referring to the emotional closeness in couples. Every couple tend to express the intimacy of their relationship in different ways. If you tend to have deep conversations with each other it will help you make a deeper bond with each other, so it is very beneficial to talk about your fears, insecurities and dreams. It is a fact that your partner might make you feel much positive by providing emotional support. You may also feel good when the give you a complement and that complement touch your soul, it’s not about a physical touch. In other words intimacy is something you might experience while having sex but it is not all about it.