Office Outfits That Will Make You Feel Powerful

Office outfits for the Powerful working Woman


Office attire or outfits have changed a lot over the years. These days, there are some companies that let their employees dress very casually. They believe that it makes you more creative and work well. And then there are the companies that are strict about having a more professional and defined dress code. Personally, I feel the second outlook is the need of the hour. After all, proper office outfits are important for a company. How an employee presents themselves is the visual image of the company. An employee might need to meet clients, business partners or other prospects. A smart and professional outfit gives a good image for the company.

Now, coming to our own personal image – It makes us feel professional, powerful and confident. Think about it, if you have an important meeting or a client to meet, don’t you take extra care with your outfit? After all, you represent your company and you need to show that you are capable of handling their business. On the other hand, if you dress too casually it makes a complete change to your own attitude and probably in the attitude of the client towards you too.

Unless you wear a uniform, you need to wear outfits/clothes that speak for you. Not only the style of clothing; you need to get the fit right too. If you wear too loose clothing you might look shabby, and too tight might look inappropriate for women. Along with the right outfit, you need to also take care of your grooming. Women need to give extra attention to their hair and makeup.


Now let’s have a look at some examples of office outfits or let’s call them killer outfits which can give you that professional look and make you feel powerful –

Business casual – We already spoke about how being casually dressed at workplaces is not really well-liked or accepted generally. But Business casual is a dress code that is acceptable in office environments and a bit more flexible. This being said jeans are still a no-no.

Dress pants and trousers – You can try dress pants which are subtly patterned – simple checks or polka dots would look nice. But please keep away from too bold or outrageous designs. If you are wearing patterned pants then a neutral top or the right opposite would give you a simple, subtle and powerful look. Loose culottes are accepted too, but I personally prefer something shapely like.
You also have some great Selection in


Dresses – Dresses also can be worn in the workplace. Though of course, designs cannot be too loud and it needs to be conservative as well as smart. Wrap dresses are a great way to look smart, professional and powerful.   Namshi is just one example. Some of you might think that wrap
dresses are too clingy and yes, you aren’t wrong! One great tip would be to buy a size
larger than what you would normally go for. Then just tie up your belt tighter. The rest of your dress would loosen out and not stick to your body form. Shirt dresses to look good provided they are not too casual looking. Have a look at  Namshi

Skirts – Skirts look very feminine, chic and professional. And the best part is that they can be paired with conservative shirts to get the right look. They are flexible as you can get them in various cuts, fits as per the trend. Chequered skirts are very much in vogue. Pair it with a plain shirt and you get the perfect look at Namshi When we talk about skirts,
you need to keep the length of your skirt in mind. You cannot go above the knee. It talks
trashy and is nowhere near professional. Similarly too tight is not acceptable.

Business Professional – Work environments have become a little bit more lenient and more casual. However, certain environments require a completely professional look.

Pantsuits – Blazers and matching pantsuits play this part. This is the classic look that would never go out of vogue. The cut and fit changes now and then. But this look says ‘powerful’ to the core. she is one classic and simple example. You can wear it with turtle neck tops if the weather permits. You could even go for subtly designed shirts rather than just go for plain colors. Chequered suits are quite the ‘in’ thing these days.


Skirt suits – Whether you wear trousers, plain pencil skirts or pleated, the look that blazers give you can never be compared to any other. she. It
might seem a little old and stuffy but the right kind of accessories, shoes, and jewelry can give you a chic and yet professional look.


Business Formal – This kind of dressing is more conservative and not much in vogue; though sometimes it might be asked for. The kind of suits worn here typically is limited to black, grey, and navy blue with plain white shirts. Even the shoes that are coordinated are supposed to be simple, not more than 3 inches. When you are meeting up with some important executives this kind of dressing might be required.

Bodycon dresses – Now this is one style that can go wrong if you are not careful. You need to go for shapely dresses which are not too tight, gives a professional look. Something like this would be appropriate and comfortable

When we talk about dressing up for a professional atmosphere, we always need to keep in mind that we look elegant, decent and proficient and it needs to be comfortable so you can get through the day. Every outfit needs to be paired with the right kind of jewelry which again needs to simple, nothing too bold and loud. Generally, open-toed shoes are not accepted in a work environment. Closed pumps with reasonable heels are good to go. Makeup needs to be subtle and simple. Hairdos need to look professional without being too elaborate. As far as hair coloring or streaking goes, do not go for bold colors. Brown or black are accepted but not brighter shades.

Acceptable workwear keeps changing as per trends but the above styles are always around and these can help you look professional and feel powerful.