Top 5 Online Fashion Stores to Shop From

With the advent of the Internet, our life has become so much more convenient and fast. There was a time when the Internet was used only for communication. But now it is used for so many other things – shopping being just one of them. It has literally revolutionized how we live, communicate, shop, travel and educate ourselves. Let us concentrate on the online shopping concept for now.

We girls love to browse around our favorite haunts and shops, get together whether it is just for window shopping or otherwise. But, when we are pressed for time, there’s nothing better than online shopping. And sometimes certain products are available only on online stores, you might get better discounts and better yet whatever you buy is delivered directly at your doorstep. So shopping can be done right from your couch with just a click of your fingers. How much more convenient can it get?

If we are to talk about the pros the convenience card beats everything else. Also products are much cheaper online, as there are no middlemen involved. There are seasonal discounts and also certain online stores come up with reward points and membership discounts which give you good deals. Online shopping gives you the benefit of shopping from anywhere in the world, any brand and thus there is no end to variety. And as far as sending gifts to your friends and family who live far away, online shopping makes it easy peasy. At a click of buttons you can send them gifts may it be for their birthday, anniversary, Ramadan, Christmas or any other festival. One major advantage that I would relate to is the control that it gives us. Ladies you know how it is! When you walk into a store to buy a blouse, you end up buying a few more things that you probably did not need. When you see something pretty and irresistible you just cannot stop yourself. Online, this is something that you can avoid. You search for what you need and buy only that. For people like me, this is perfect. Another advantage is that we can avoid crowds. If it was not for online shopping, weekend shopping or shopping during festival seasons would be so stressful and time taking.

But the rule of the world is that not everything can be hunky dory. Everything has accompanying disadvantages. Hence, online shopping also does come along with some negative points. First thing is that you get to see the product only on your device screen. You do not really know how qualitative the product is and sometimes the sizes can go wrong. There could also be shipping delays at times. And things get lost or damaged in transit. Most websites do have exchange and returns; however that can be quite a hassle. And then like everything else, there is always the fear or risk of fraud. Also like in a proper brick and mortar store, you do not get any sale assistance. Every website does have customer service team but it still wouldn’t be the same. One major con is that by purchasing products online you are discouraging local retailers in a way which can affect the economy.

However, all said and done every coin does have two sides. And as far as I’m concerned, online shopping does make my life a little easier. So, let’s look at the positive and find out about some online stores that are good and reliable and cater to the UAE –

  • Amazon – When we talk about online stores, Amazon always comes first on the list. From health to beauty products to apparels, electronics, furniture and electronics – Amazon has almost everything. Their customer service team is one of the best and shipping is done really fast and conveniently. From cheap to branded clothes and other products, everything is listed on their site and you can choose depending on your budget. Customer reviews for each product also give you an idea of how the product would be.
  • Namshi – Namshi is probably one of the most popular online stores for women who are interested in fashion. They have premium brands, cheap ones and everything from shoes to apparels to accessories. They not only cater to women but also men and children. The store also has convenient return polices which reduces any hassles for a disgruntled customer (if any).
  • Mumzworld – As the name would suggest this online store caters specifically to moms and babies. For children they have almost everything from birth to 12 years of age. Usually products are delivered within 2 to 3 working days and any orders which are more than 200 AED are delivered with no charge.
  • com – This is again another very popular online store in the UAE. They also cater to their customers and bring them everything from toys to apparel to electronics and so on. The most convenient part of this retail website is that they have an understanding with some of the leading banks in the UAE which allow the customers to avail of payment plans or installments.
  • Sivvi – This is another awesome online store which comes up with great deals and offers. It brings to you brands like TOMS, Mango, Aldo and so many more of your favorite labels. This site mainly caters to the fashionable heart whether it is men or women.

I’m sure most of you ladies know how to go about online shopping. All you need to do is register with the particular site. Then browse for the product you are interested in, select it and add it to your shopping cart. If you proceed to purchase it, it would let you know the shipping charges if any, the estimated delivery day and then all you need to do is enter in your payment details. Some of the websites like Amazon send you regular updates about the product movement and other online stores also send you the tracking details so you can check it out yourself. Hope we’ve made your shopping a little more convenient and exciting!