Types of Shoes Every Fashionista Should Own

It’s raining Shoes!

It is said that a person’s character can be judged by looking at the kind of shoes he/she wears. Many of us are extremely fond of good clothing, cosmetics and take a lot of effort into our selection. But some of us neglect our footwear. Some of you go the extra mile and buy matching shoes and bags; whereas some of you just buy a regular comfortable pair which you think goes with every kind of dress.

Why is the right pair of shoes so important?

As far as the health issues go, we all know that a shoe, is used for the most part of the day, needs to be comfortable so that we do not end up with other added backaches or foot aches. After all, we are trying to cover up the most important part of our body – which helps us get around now
doesn’t it? But it is not just the health reason that counts as important. Think about it, our clothes sizes keep changing as we grow, we sometimes lose weight, sometimes put on weight. But shoe sizes generally do not change once a person is grown. Hence a good quality shoe can be a long term investment if one buys judiciously. And well, if you are a woman do you really need a reason to buy more shoes? If you are anything like me (with a footwear fetish) I’m sure this article is just for you!


What kind of shoes is comfortable and a must-have?

Ankle Boots – A pair of good, sturdy ankle boots is something which we ladies absolutely need. A qualitative and good brand might be a little on the pricey side but it will last you for ages and your investment would be worthwhile. Not only are these good looking but they go with most outfits and can get you through the whole day. You can wear boots with jeans, even formal trousers, skirts whether short or long and casual frocks. Probably the only dress that it might not look good on is formal evening party wear. If you want something dressy you could go in for ones with heels or something flat which would hardly feel like you’ve worn anything. Have a look at some amazing collections at, Zaraor SIVVI

Platform wedge Sandals – Heels usually look lovely but can get really painful to wear throughout the whole day. The same cannot be said for these kinds of platform wedge sandals. These look pretty, give you that tall elegant stature and yet would not be painful to wear throughout the day. The Platform heels give good support to your heels and sole and is a must-have for all women.


Try Wedge Sandal for some amazing designs. Once again these would go with almost any kind of clothing that you plan to wear. Foldable slip-on Ballerinas – Slip-on shoes with no heels are probably the comfiest thing ever made. And it these are foldable and flexible it makes it more attractive for us ladies. If you are looking at a casual day, have a lot to do, walk around or simply don’t feel like taking out those heels – then this is just your style for today! These last long, you can get these in your classic black, nude or maybe even get it in matching colors. Since they are foldable it is a great idea for travel and packing purposes as they hardly take up any space. In fact, you can just keep them in your handbag. Wear your favorite heels and take these slip-on out when you feel your feet can’t take it anymore. You can find these on  DesertCart If you are not particular about the foldable variety then these designs would be great to Namshi

What footwear is trending in the market?

We spoke about comfy shoes; now, let us talk about something more important – namely what is trending in the market these days. Last year we saw animal prints in clothing and apparel. This the year it seems to have passed on to footwear too. Animal print – Last year we saw animal prints in clothing and apparel. This year it seems to have passed on to footwear too. That Leopard, cheetah or reptile print – Ooh look absolutely handsome! One example is a classic pair of pumps found on Namshi These stilettos in animal print are to die for I have lovely cheetah pumps with reasonable heels (my poor back can’t take too high heels) which go well with black trousers, beige or plain colored dresses and denim clothes. When you wear some solid colored clothes these animal prints add that color and style to the whole ensemble. Square toed – The pointed ends have always been omnipresent.


They look very feminine and pretty. But something a little bit more different in shape seems to have taken up the current trends. Square toed sandals or boots give you a very chic look. Comfortable too without your poor little toes getting squished. If you get the open-toed sandals it and gives your beautifully painted nails an awesome look. You can find sandals of this kind of at Namshi, Now, let me be honest. The square-toed was actually not considered very Now, let me be honest. The square-toed was actually not considered very feminine; maybe even thought of as clumpy and been around since the early ages. Some of you ladies might not like it. But we think you should give it a try. This year we’re seeing a lot of these and these are probably here to stay for quite some time. All said and done, trends keep coming and going but there are certain styles that are here to stay. Slip-on, a good pair of boots, a nice heels, flip-flops, pumps, delicate party sandals – Oh! The list goes on and on. Each one of us has different tastes and requirements. All you need to do is make sure that your footwear goes with your whole ensemble. And as far as trends go, it is you who decides what you want to follow or do not. Why you could start a whole different trend if you want to!