Founder of Extraordinary Leadership – Dagmara Asbreuk

The Founder of Extraordinary Leadership shares how criticism, conflicts, and leadership challenges reshaped her perception of self and evoked the desire to guide leaders towards effective leadership through her brand Extraordinary Leadership. She is on a mission to help other leaders gain access to their potential so that they can thrive personally, build engaged teams and empower people.

Dagmara’s journey as Leadership Executive Coach, keynote speaker and founder of Extraordinary Leadership:

Dagmara spent 15 years in automotive, working in 3 global corporations: French, Japanese and Swedish. Her work with different organizations in different countries offered her insight into various challenges managers and leaders have to face. She felt she needed to rise above the norm in corporate practices to ensure she goes beyond leading and supporting teams in procurement, build strategies and contribute to a growth and transformation in the organizations she served. She was able to discover her true potential after experiencing professional challenges. Her maternity break impacted her career prospects and her destiny directed her towards an impactful coaching program that changed everything about her.

While talking about it, she states, “This program appeared to be a turning point in my life. It not only helped me to develop those powerful leadership capabilities, but opened my eyes to what really was standing in the way of me being an inspiring leader. It was about my mindset and limiting beliefs about myself, my role, others. I realized I was leading from a place of fear, trying to prove myself I was good enough and it limited my potential.

So, from that moment on my journey or transformation and unleashing my true potential began, which brought opened new passion. It helped me to shift the way I communicate and engage with people, build confidence and trust, empower others to unleash their potential and transform dysfunctional teams to engaged ones. Brining my new self and coaching tools to leading people created far greater results. Therefore, I chose to pursue further education in the field of coaching”.

Dagmara is now a leadership development coach in Dubai, where she works with senior and executive leaders from small or large organizations, helping them to lead and live from a conscious place, transform their inner limitations to thrive, be confident, balanced and happy. She helps them in building human centric high performing organizations, where people are engaged for healthy and consistent growth.

Women in Leadership:

Sustainable organizations and businesses leverage diverse talents. There are plenty of statistics demonstrating diverse teams are more innovative and successful overall. Dagmara believes women in leadership add value to organizational success. She states, “Women naturally have many key leadership capabilities, such as empathy. Women focus more on collaboration and collective results and bring other perspectives to business, customers, or culture. We need more women in leadership, and we need women to be more confident and visible, to take responsibility for their own career and development for greater impact”.

Ways of encouraging Women to aim for Excellence:

Women leaders need more encouragement to pursue challenges.

“I believe, as women we need to focus on our ambitions and needs and stay determined to realize our dreams. We need to believe that we belong to the world of business and have great capabilities to build businesses. Women need to work on being more confident, to be vocal and visible in discussions, otherwise their talents will not be noticed. Coaches and mentors can help them just get there and make their mark”.

Unlocking True Potential:

Unleashing potential consists of discovering real and sometimes hidden gifts, connecting to self, dreaming bigger, breaking through one’s fears and mind limitations to build belief and confidence. It is about equipping ourselves with skills, mindset, and habits to lead the self powerfully. It is about the inner work we need to do on ourselves.

She says, “My work and Extraordinary Leadership Blueprint focus exactly on that – combining personal growth experiences and various coaching, leadership and transformational tools. I focus on sustainable transformation by working on the root causes not symptoms with various transformative tools. My approach embraces elements of connecting and leading self, developing teams and cultures and empowering others, it equips leaders with deeper awareness, mindset, and habits to make the person and his community grow”.

Tips to Stay on Track and Have Consistency:

Dagmara believes inconsistency results from an affliction of the mind where the person is haunted by fears and un-surety. True Transformation occurs

when a person practices consistency and does not lose track. People enact blocks for themselves just by being inconsistent.

Dagmara shares the step-by-step approach toward building consistency:

Discover & challenge your thoughts:

a. Ask yourself – what are you telling yourself about consistency? For me a negative story I made in my mind was – it’s boring, it’s wasting my time, I’m not good at being consistent -> these stories were demotivating me to establish consistency.

b. Challenge those thoughts – asking Is that true? What is alternative truth? I could see that consistency can be fun, engaging, bringing momentum, flow, results.

Expose your fear:

c. Ask yourself – what am I afraid of? I was afraid of failing in that particular area I was not consistent of.

Connect with the WHY you want it?

d. Ask yourself, Why you want to establish consistency? What would be the benefit? – for me it was about creating important results in my business and through that realizing my mission and purpose – that was very motivating

Envision yourself being consistent.

e. Close the eyes and connect with your imagination to see how you act when you are consistent. Envisioning give you ideas of what to do and increase the chance of being consistent

Act – best practice ideas that will help you become consistent:

f. Choose a powerful picture/image of the result of your consistent action that transmits positive emotions – it will remind you why you to it.

g. Put it in a visible place and look at it daily and say’ I’m happy and grateful that I’m consistent in creating (result) and becoming (result) – it reinforces the focus and belief

h. Write down motivating you sentences about Consistency: Ex. Consistency brings me flow

i.Declare to others your goals and why you will be consistent on it – sharing with others increase the likelihood

j. Put the time in your calendar for the activities you want to be consistent on and preferably in the morning as a first thing.

k. The day before set intention and imagine the first thing you are going to do to start the activity (example open my PC and put a nice music)

l. Create a reward system so you have something to look forward to after you finish.

m. Have an accountability partner – a spouse, friend who you can share your progress.

n. If you were not successful on a day, be kind to yourself and acknowledge you are a human being and fail sometimes. Instead of judging self-focus your energy on what you need to do to help you do it the next day

o. Observe your mind sabotaging you, ‘I’m not good at it’, ‘I do not feel like it’, ‘It’s too difficult’…. instead when you hear that turn them in empowering sentences: ‘I can do it’, I’m becoming consistent and I love it’ ‘Consistency brings me flow’.

Dagmara’s Message to Corporate Leaders:

· Invest in your personal growth and becoming an inspiring leader who make a positive impact – it all starts with you

·Focus on listening and truly understanding another human being

· Do not be afraid to show up authentic and vulnerable – it builds trust, connection and psychological safety you need to create successful teams

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