An Ultimate Guide to Increase Your Stamina Through Yoga Asanas

Our lives are getting busier day by day, so it is extremely important to be strong enough to handle our hectic routine. Yoga is basically a spiritual activity based on breathing techniques that relax our body as well as our mind. It is a technique of stretching and decompressing your body, which ultimately help you get flexibility, muscle toning and muscle strengthening.  It is also a great way to boost your metabolism and weight loss. Once you become habitual of yoga, then you will get amazing results from it.

Here you will find the best yoga poses that will give your stamina a boost.

Boat pose

Boat pose helps in toning your overall body by stretching. Those people who are already overweight, may get some time to make a proper posture. It also strengthens your core muscles. All you need to do is sit on the floor and bring up your feet and hands to the same level. Hold it for minimum 20 seconds. Keep inhaling and exhaling.

Bridge pose

Another pose for your stamina is boat pose. It helps to stretch your spine, glutes muscle, hip muscle, core, and chest. It increases blood circulation in these areas by squeezing your muscles. Moreover, it helps in better digestion process and flatten your belly fat.

Lay down on floor by placing your hands aside, now start raising your lower body as high as you can (inhale deeply). Your upper body and hands should stay on the floor. Now hold for this pose for 30 seconds and hold your breath. Then go back to your starting position by exhaling your breath.

Remember to move your body slowly otherwise it may pull your muscles.

Straddle pose:

Straddle pose is a remarkable pose to increase your body strength. You have to sit down on the floor with wide open legs as much as possible. Now inhale deeply and stretch your hands to the downwards to the floor parallel to your body. Hold your breath for 10 seconds. Remember not to hurt your spine. Engage your thigh and core muscle. Come back to your starting position by releasing your breath.

Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose is a great exercise to release stress from lower body and relaxing your mind. It stretches your buttocks part and the hip flexors. It releases your sciatic pain and aids in urination disorder.

Sit down on your mat. Take a deep breath. Place your left foot on the top right side of your yoga mat by moving it slowly. Now move your right leg in a straight way to the back side of your body. Hold it for 20 seconds. Furthermore, stretch your neck to the backward. Now exhale. Repeat it to the other side. Do it for minimum 5 repetitions.

Child pose

It is the most relaxing forward bend posture and recommended to finish out your workout routine. Anyone can do it for a longer time. It stretches your hip, thigh and ankle.

Place your knees on the mat. Stretch your arms in forward bend position, your palms should touch the floor. Hold for 10 seconds. Do it for 5 times at least.