Daria Tiesler Talks About Growing HPM Wellness as A Thriving Business

Daria Tiesler, a resilient athlete, a wellness and fitness trainer, a wonderful professional health coach and a loving mother. She is working to empower and educate women with ambitions and deep desires to take a step forward and be close to fulfilling their passions, dreams, aspirations, and purpose by bringing more self-care and mind- body- spirit connection.

 Tell us about HPM Wellness and your journey.

HPM Wellness established in London during the pandemic in November, 2020. However, I set up my first independent business in London in 2006. I came to London without speaking English after a sports injury that unfortunately finished my professional sports career. I was mentally, emotionally and physically broken with lost identity. HPM Wellness is an empowering transition that happened in my personal and professional life after a few incidents. ‘I have the potential to create a business I always wanted and the way I wanted’ – once I was confident of it, HPM was the way forward.

Daria TieslerMy first venture was a path towards self-discovery. As a fitness coach, I have been relying on seventeen years of experience and education from the top coaches, functional medicine practitioners, healers, clinicians, and therapists. Over those years, I have done around 15,000 hands-on hours with women and men, supporting their health, peak performance, mindset, and emotional fitness. I believe it is highly satisfying to support people so that they have a fulfilling and healthy life. I have worked with clients, who usually lead a hectic life with lots of professional responsibilities running their businesses, managing and teaching other people. We expect these leaders to be very motivated and driven, but the effect of long working hours and commitment to their business and career affects their health and personal life. I work with them to help bring back lost health potential, body-mind connection and a better understanding of why their performance is dropping. Being a professional athlete gave me a mindset and ability to overcome. I started to see that a holistic approach to human beings is what makes my clients feel better.

Over 17 years, I have continued to learn and educate myself. HPM is more of a Covid baby as I needed to business move online. I ran my first 30 days Wellness challenge and wrote my first online program during the summer of 2020. It all happened during my maternity leave and hats off to my husband who is also my business partner to have supported me through and through. HPM Wellness is a business that comes from my ambitions, passion, drive, and feminine potential and my transformation into a new me, the woman who finds herself again and loves herself.

I want women to reach high and not let anyone stop them from being and achieving. I want them to build thriving businesses, families, and communities- because being in a healthy relationship with themself and doing things for themselves is the beginning.

What was a significant factor behind choosing female leadership coaching?

I am a professional athlete, aware of the importance of discipline, goal setting and hitting targets. I always felt women need professional coaching on how to overcome limits and get into the fullest potential. Feminine peak performance comes through self-care, nutrition, sleep, setting boundaries with awareness, overcoming burnout and chronic fatigue, managing hormonal problems, lack of self-love and self-compassion, absence of connection with body and mind, and emotional eating problems. Such problems affect confidence and self-worth of female leaders in business. They must tap into their feminine power without, in my opinion, neglecting their masculine potential. They have to nurture their masculine and feminine side both. My mission is to educate them on how to start the journey.

My business is a reinvention of leadership into a holistic approach. I will not coach in my programs on how to build a leader, but I will create a space and an opportunity for a woman to self-discover her style, potential, what she wants to be, and how she envisions herself as a leader and so on. To open her up, she will educate herself on her body, best nutrition for her, self-care, rest and repair, the importance of training and how to train for peak performance results, how to bring awareness into life, how to connect emotions with actions, how to thrive as a leader. It is a journey every woman must make.

Why is holistic health important for women? What are the four pillars of the Holistic Performance Method?

We all need to address our physical, mental and emotional health. Our mind, body, and spirit all should be in balance. What I have learned over the last 21 years of my ongoing education and 17 years of my clinical practice is that when we address the whole of human beings- women or men, we just become more potent as humans and really can enjoy our life in a more profound way. The nature of women is to nurture others and not care enough about herself. I want to bring awareness and initiate the generational transformation so that women care for others and for themselves equally well. Women in business will go through health, relationship, and motherhood challenges. This is where my Holistic Performance Method comes. My method brings holism and performance into one place and helps women generate the best personal and professional outcomes without compromising them.

There are eight pillars of my methodology, but the first seven are here:

  1. Movement
  2. Personalized Health and Nutrition
  3. Holistic Performance Coaching
  4. Mindfulness Practice – Practice of Presence
  5. Wholehearted Living and Leading
  6. Purpose, Prosperity and Gratitude
  7. Believe and Visualization

Why do women take self-care lightly? What are some of the ways in which you have helped in changing that?

We have never been told how to do it. Women are meant to nurture others – children, husbands, families but not themselves. This is a generational problem, which I feel creates in women lots of resentment. We have never been told how to nurture our being, emotions and feelings, connect and feel our body to have that nurturing relationship with ourselves.

Then you see most of the women in corporate and leadership positions are leading to work harder to prove themselves are ignoring their own holistic health.

My best female clients I would divide into two groups:

  1. Those, who are locked in the masculine self – and come to see me connect with who they are in the feminine self ( usually women who work in the corporations, where men are taking the lead)
  2. Women, who are more in touch with a feminine self, but they want to connect with their masculine self to balance them out.

Usually, they come with a problem such as chronic health (weight gain, hormonal issues, gut problems, energy, chronic fatigue, menopause, PMS, autoimmune problems), inability to find clarity, confusion, confidence and worthiness concerns, and body image issues. They don’t come to me to help them become a better leader, have happier relationships, have more joyful motherhood, or build a more productive business because they usually don’t see the connection between the symptoms and what does not work in their life as they wish.

Then we work on gut health, hormonal balance, optimization of brain health, lowering inflammation, adding the right training prescription, and developing deep coaching questions with the assistance of awareness and presence to start from surviving into thriving. We need to remember women, who come to see me, often have many wounds from the past. These could be generational wounds and suppression. They need to heal through a process of profound and holistic transformation that takes time. The best results are with women who allow themselves to be supported and guided by another woman without feeling competition and judgment.

What sets you apart from others in your field?

Here are a few factors that make a difference:

  1. My own story of overcoming and being at the top (as a professional athlete) then falling with losing my identity, overcoming diversity and failures and finding myself. I am 41 now, and I think it is the first time in my life I feel happy inside me. I feel free and peaceful.
  2. Twenty-one years of education in the field of health prevention, clinical nutrition, body composition training, performance and potential human coaching, embodiment coaching from the best in the area and 17 years of clinical practice, 15,000 plus hands-on hours with clients.
  3. I worked at the best body transformation facility in London and the world and was the first female to join the company Ultimate Performance; I was pleased to work with the best coaches and trainers around the world.
  4. My sport and performance background makes my holistic approach unique- it is about optimization of health and performance.
  5. My passion for what I do.
  6. My ability to coach- I am a very curious coach, and I am not afraid to ask problematic questions.
  7. My clients tell me that I see in dimensions and can address the root causes of their problems.
  8. I am a forward-thinking person, and I look for a solution to the problems.
  9. My method considers a whole person and creates a transformation on all levels over some time.
  10. Lastly, I want to run a business that lasts and brings a legacy, where women are empowered to use their feminine potential to redefine everything they do.

 How did helping women care for themselves and their wellness enable you to find yourself and your identity?

I work very closely with my clients. For me, care starts with a deep awareness and acceptance of where a woman is coming from and where is she right now. I often have to work with my energy of not being enough and do more. This is to ensure my clients are reaching their goals. In the process, I discover more of my strengths.

It is not possible for anyone to reach a certain level without a driving force; what have been your most significant driving forces? What kept you motivated through life’s journey?

I derive motivation from inside of me. My sole purpose is about helping others to become the best version of themselves. I have had that calling for a peak performance always since I remember. Hard to explain. It is like a gift and master ability I was given; I know I cannot waste it and I need to use it in the best way possible.

Who has inspired you the most in your life, and how?

I meant many amazing women and men in my life. I have worked with fantastic people. I have learned so much from my clients. My parents, grandparents and siblings.  I cannot point to one person because that never was the case.  I see every person in my life as a gift and an opportunity given to me by the universe, God, to learn and understand myself better.

Give one message to our readers.

Give yourself a chance to listen to yourself. Stop to live in a suppression of your feminine power. Let´s create foundations for your transformation. I want you to create a new present and future.

How can readers connect with your brand?

You can reach me via my website HPM Wellness or by email me directly at daria@hpmwellness.com

I also have a podcast and social media presence that can be reached from my website.