Dr Anumeha Bhatnagar Rai – The Founder of Reignite Your Mind

Dr Anumeha Bhatnagar

“Mental health is crucial to performance. Corporate should prioritize on caring for the employee physical and mental health” says Dr. Rai.

About Dr. Anumeha Bhatnagar Rai:

Talking about her career and her business, Dr. Anumeha states, “Coming from the family of fourth generation of educationists, I have seen people coming home to seek guidance & help from my parents since childhood. As a child I remember them crying their hearts out, seeking help from my parents and then finding mental peace”. Dr Anumeha is Ph.D in Psychology, a certified NLP Practitioner and coach, Emotional Intelligence Coach, youth mentor and public speaker. With continuous support and motivation from her husband Manish & family after becoming a NLP Master practitioner, she started using her coaching techniques integrated with counselling skills with “Reignite Your Minds’. Talking about it, she states, “It’s a platform to provide mental health support to the people of all ages & gender. We also conduct workshops & training programs from Tweens to adults. We have also conducted corporate training programs related to mental and professional wellbeing at workplace”.

Dr. Anumeha’s Views on Women’s Emotional & Mental Health:

Dr Anumeha emphasizes on women’s mental health. She believes only an emotionally stable and intelligent woman may live a fulfilling and successful life as well as create great possibilities for her children. She believes that women should consciously and purposely strategize personal development. She says, “Personal development provides the necessary skills to achieve personal & professional goals. It provides required confidence, resilience, personal, and interpersonal skills to cope with any probability during crisis and enables its management easy. An emotionally intelligent and healthy female will deal with a situation while navigating all vulnerable situations in mind and its impact, which will result in better understanding of the consequences instead of assumptions and vague conclusions”.

Dr Anumeha Bhatnagar Rai

Dr Anumeha’s Views about Emotional Intelligence:

Dr. Anumeha believes Emotional Intelligence has gained much more importance now than ever before. “. It helps to understand how to react, respond or not react under the influence of any emotion. Leaders with high EQ are the best fit for any organization. During my sessions with my clients, we guide them to understand the importance of better communication. Further we work together in regulating emotions, techniques for mindfulness, helping them in goal setting, motivation, increasing self­ awareness, positive self-talk, reflection on thoughts and decisions”.

How may a woman truly empower herself?

Women empowerment is very important for uplifting people in society. Empowered women can contribute to the society by providing support to people in their personal and professional surrounding through their skills and creating a better, balanced and happier family environment. These empowered women can benefit the society and support a sustainable economy. Education provides all the ability and skills to succeed in life.

An Unforgettable Experience:

“There have been multiple heart touching experiences, but I would like to share about this one specifically. During Covid-19 time I got connected with a female who was in depression and was clueless how to go ahead in life. She was in strong emotional turmoil and was unable to navigate her direction for action. She was looking for emotional balance and better life. We started with personal and professional goal setting. It took us sometime to reach to her goals. Today she is a successful corporate leader happily empowering other females she finds in similar situation. It gives me pride to see her following her passion and supporting the fellow beings in similar situation”.

Her Views on Artificial intelligence:

She shares, “This is an era of advanced science and technology. With advanced Al there are many wearable technologies that help in identifying people’s mental health, emotions identifying by their tone if they are overworked or stressed and if they need to take rest or suggested break before the situation worsens. There are many other tools that work on algorithms or language detection. They analyze users’ thoughts and provide personalized suggestions. There is a lot that can be done to provide mental health with this Al. These can monitor mood changes or swings, increased or decreased hearth rate and if they need immediate medical attention”.

Connect with Dr Anumeha:

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