Is Depression Killing You?

Depression – A Voiceless Killer

All of us face ups and downs. We’ve all felt down and blue sometimes. A little quiet time, maybe some binge television, binge eating, a support of a friend or family and you feel better in a while. But Depression is something more serious. It is more than just feeling low or moody. It’s a feeling that can go on for a long time – it could be weeks or months or maybe even years. It could be for no evident reason. Depression is a very serious condition that can affect you physically as well as mentally.

What causes depression?

The matter of fact is that no one knows the exact reason for depression. It could be several related things which ultimately lead to such a condition. It could be certain life events like abusive relationships over a long time, isolated life or work stress. It could also be due to personal factors. Depression can actually even be genetic. Having said this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if someone in your family was a victim of such condition, you also would definitely fall for it. It’s just that certain conditions might push you into similar influences. Some people have certain personalities that put them at risk for depression-like being overly critical, having low self-esteem and being negative. Serious medical disorders can lead to depression – coping with such problems or chronic pain can lead you to depression. Long term drug abuse or alcohol abuse can also push one into depression.

How does depression affect our daily life?

Depression is a horrible state that can affect each facet of your life. It can affect the way you eat, sleep, your health, career, education, relationships as well as concentration levels. Some of the people who suffer from depression also have added disorders like drug or alcohol addiction. Depression can affect one so severely that it starts affecting the way you perform your duties at home or work. It can affect your productivity. If depression is left untreated it can ultimately lead to several other complications mental or physical. This is why it is extremely important to accept it, acknowledge it and take the first step of asking for help.

How can we fight depression and change our life –

Depression can be an overwhelming and debilitating condition. If we just let it be; it can take over our lives and affect us in every possible way. So the first thing we need to do is get support. As we have already mentioned it is the first and most important step in the whole healing process. It can be extremely difficult for you to keep a healthy outlook. This step of reaching out can be immensely difficult as those with depression tend to isolate and withdraw.

within themselves. Please remember by reaching out, it does not mean that you are weak. You also ought to make an effort and get social, go to social gatherings, start being connected with others through phone calls or social media. If required you can also join support groups. In the UAE there are quite a few groups. The German Neuroscience Center runs a support group for anxiety and depression. There is an online meetup group that runs several support groups that help you cope with depression. Mental Health Support Maudsley Health in Abu Dhabi
also has facilities for child, adolescents, and adults.

Try not to dwell on the negatives in your life. We understand that it is easy for us to say. But you really ought to make an effort and try and refocus on other things. Find some kind of outlet like maybe dance, exercise, get a pet and take care of it – something that makes you feel interested and happy, something that makes you forget the negativity in your life. In the beginning, any such activity might make you feel bushed; but with time your energy levels will get better. Another great way to deal with the unhappiness/depression in your own life is by giving support to another going through a difficult time. Receiving support is awesome but nothing can give you more fulfillment than having helped someone in need. You also need to start looking after yourself. Groom yourself well and take care of your own health. Start eating healthy, try to sleep well. There are several relaxation methods like yoga, meditation or simple stretching exercises. Start getting some sunlight and some doses of Vitamin D. the UAE Sun can be a little too much at times. But a few minutes out can help you boost your mood and keep you healthy mentally and physically.

If you are facing depression and anxiety, remember to take help. A health coach in Dubai could be of great help. If you are under the impression that health and wellness coaches are just helping people reduce weight and stay slim, you are wrong. Health coaches help people like yourself when they have issues related to psychological, emotional and mental health as well as their physical health. You just need to discuss your problem to check if the right health coach is available for you and can actually make a difference in your life. You may find a great coach in a click at The CoachLink website today!


Some celebrities who have dealt with depression –

Let us look at some popular names that have dealt with depression and have opened up about it. There are so many famous names like Chris Evans, Harrison Ford, Eminem, and Johnny Depp. But let’s be a little selfish here and talk only about us women. Surely you all know Ellen Degeneres. When she came out, she was ridiculed and the butt of every joke. This affected her professionally and personally. But the support that she gave to others in the same boat and her sheer perseverance was what got her out of that dark phase. Anne Hathaway is another popular actor who has opened up about her teen troubles. Once again it took her a lot of effort to come out of that phase wherein she claims that she was under a negative cloud and overly narcissistic. She did not feel the need for medication, however. This being said it is not wrong to take anti-depression meds. Once you seek help, your health professional might be in a better state to gauge your needs. Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Dolly Parton, J.K.Rowling are just some more names. Gwyneth Paltrow has been very open about her postpartum depression which is another very serious problem faced by new mothers. Most of us tend to dismiss it as plain physical changes or fatigue. But it can become serious if not acknowledged.
The major point that we need to remember is that we are all different. We all deal with different life situations and changes in different ways. Depression is caused by several contributing factors. What you need to think about is identifying that cause; try and change such circumstances. You ought to accept it, recognize it and ask for help. ‘Ask’ for help in itself is your first step.