Seema Zaidi’s Journey of Healthcare HR Consulting

Seema Zaidi

Seema Zaidi, the managing director of Fast Track Solutions reveals the difference her company has been able to make in the healthcare sector in last more than a decade of services. Seema Zaidi is a dedicated mother, a true business leader in HR for the medical sector, and a growth-minded businesswoman, who has built a thriving business to serve the needs of a niche whose expectations are not easy to meet.

Tell us about your company Fast Track Solutions and its inception in detail.

Fast Track Solutions, a healthcare recruitment consultancy in Dubai, was formed in 2010 after I realized a big gap in the recruitment needs of clinics and hospitals. There were multiple challenges in the sector as it was very difficult to match specialized professional doctors with available job opportunities in hospitals in Dubai and the UAE. My husband has worked for decades in the medical field, and owns a well-established Pharmaceutical company in Dubai and this company has originated as a solution for the gaps he observed. The hospitals and clinics were keen on recruiting skilled, experienced, and specialized doctors, health insurance solutions providing experts consultants, nurses, and other healthcare industry-related professionals from India, and other countries; therefore, Fast Track Solutions works towards ensuring smooth, and frictionless recruitment processes and resource development for hospitals. We decided to offer consultancy solutions to ensure the healthcare entities are sourced and thriving by capitalizing on skills and expertise from around the globe. We find the best matches for vacancies in hospitals and facilitate the hiring process which often involves a complex level of professional practitioners’ licenses too.

It started back over a decade ago when my child was very young and my responsibilities towards her were quite demanding. However, I take pride in the fact that as a work-from-home mother I was able to grow my daughter and Fast Track Solutions together. The company has now become the most reliable recruitment agency in the medical sector in the region. It has operations in UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, and with above 10,000 specialized pool of professional candidates, this company is taking lead in consulting, recruiting, and career counseling healthcare professionals. Post pandemic, the company has won laurels in supporting healthcare needs in various hospitals and has made the most challenging search for medical talent easier for them.

What do you believe is the greatest achievement in your life? Share a few facts from your journey.

Seema ZaidiI started working on building Fast Track Solutions as a work-from-home mother as I could not have a full-time job with a little child. The company has grown ever since through smart and strategic work. I believe ensuring a great family life with a growing healthcare HR consultancy on the thriving mode is an achievement for me. Moreover, I always wanted a work-personal-life balance and I have achieved it. I managed to strike this balance as I had the opportunity to set up my own schedule and have the liberty to operate from home in the beginning.

It is not possible for anyone to reach a certain level without a driving force, what has been your greatest driving force? What kept you motivated through life’s journey?

I come from a background where it was uncommon for girls to work professionally and I happened to be one of the first girls back then to step into the professional world. My parents were supportive and they ensured we receive a quality education. They formed a learning culture that encouraged me and my sister to work toward excellence and it proved to be the most powerful motivational force. I strongly believe that parents are the first institution that instills the desire to grow, move forward, and succeed. Also, my Husband’s continuous support and his trust in me gave strength to be constant in my work.

What has been the most exciting story in your journey? Something that clicked with you and is unforgettable?

There was limited work needed during the pandemic and that is when a clinic approached us with the requirement of nurses. During the pandemic, it was very challenging to find nurses for clinics and hospitals as the demand was high, and professional performance risks were many resulting from problems from the pandemic. Moreover, 99% of nurses were already employed, and that too at a highly competitive salary. Though our core competency is Doctor’s recruitment, yet, we succeeded in finding the best-fitting professionals for this clinic. A tough job done well!

Also recently filling four positions of aesthetic dermatologists (which is not easy )  in a month was an excitement for us.

What has been the greatest challenge in healthcare HR recruitment? How did you overcome it?

Finding the right fit for a specific job opening and position is a great challenge in HR for the medical sector. We have created a strong and efficient team to overcome this challenge. Our team comprises in-house professionals as well as freelancers. We consider them our family. This is the reason we have grown successfully over the years. Teamwork matters the most in business success.

On a second note, the regulatory changes in the field of healthcare HR are a challenge. Keeping up with the regulatory updates becomes difficult at times. We had challenges in a flow as we are a specialized agency matching the immediate healthcare recruitment requirements with the best professionals available. Our focus is our strength. We wish to consolidate our name as a specialized healthcare recruitment agency that is reliable and competitive. We plan to expand across GCC as the future holds many opportunities for us.

What advice do you have for mothers and wives?

Be flexible, manage work and family life with a balance. Everything is possible when you are consistent and you know your strengths.

What are the future plans for Fast Track Solutions? Where do you see it in the next 6 to 10 years?

We plan to expand in the GCC market as we can answer the HR recruitment needs for the Healthcare sector all across the Gulf. We want to partner with agencies and hospitals globally. We have agency partners in India, the Philippines, the UK, and Germany.

Give one message to our readers.

Work hard, strike a balance in everything you do, and stay on top of modern practices.

How can readers connect with your brand?

They may connect with the brand through the Fast Track Solutions LinkedIn page.