Suchitra Samom – the healthcare project manager and HR professional thrives in her field

Suchitra, the HR professional in healthcare and a staunch project manager, shares interesting facts from her career and work-life to inspire young HR professionals to tap into healthcare sector and enjoy serving humanity with a difference.

Tell us about you and your journey.  

Suchitra SamomMy name is Suchitra Samom. I was born in Manipur, a beautiful state in the Northeastern region of India, where I completed my early education and later moved to Pune, Maharashtra for higher education. Then, I shifted to New Delhi for my post-graduate studies in Human Resource Management.

I started my healthcare career with one of the prestigious healthcare groups in India, Fortis Healthcare, and later with MAX Healthcare, where I had the opportunity to work in some key healthcare projects. Throughout my career, I liked taking up challenging projects, and I fostered the ability to settle into new roles according to the challenges. Human resources field triggered me, I felt more than alive here, with stronger emotional intelligence and people management running through my being. I have always believed that I am very lucky to be an HR professional in healthcare – a sector “which is such a beautiful job that offers two ways serving opportunity, that is, handling people and contributing to the wellness of patients who need human care”.

What have you observed is a great challenge for the healthcare recruitment and project management field?

Well, the greatest challenge has been “Finding the Right People in a fair way”. We always say it’s hard to find the right job but as an HR professional, I would rather say that the job market is an open market but finding the right people and being fair during the hiring process is the biggest challenge.

It is not possible for anyone to reach a certain level without a driving force, what has been your greatest driving forces? What kept you motivated through life’s journey?

The fear of failure and the addiction to success. Whenever I get any assignment, I always think about the end result (a positive result of course). I need to achieve the target on time and successfully. My fear of failure and the zest to achieve all tasks on time, I believe, have been my mantra for success.

Motivation comes from within; I always motivate myself with my positive “I can do it” attitude. Also, I believe in giving my best in everything I do, and the feeling that “Hard work always pays off” keeps me going.

What has been the most exciting story in your journey?

In my journey, I have realized one thing and it’s certain, people remember you for your kindness. Kindness comes in different forms, helping, listening, sharing, comforting ….

There are many incidents that are unforgettable, and all these moments are bound with one core fact which is, “Being kind and humble”.

We should be always approachable. We should keep one thing in mind always, that we exist in the organization because of the staff so addressing their concerns should be consistently a priority.

Your Covid-19 based work brought you distinctive recognition, tell us more about it and how it made a difference for patients?

When the pandemic hits the world, I was at the beginning point of my new assignment. I had recently shifted my job from Burjeel Medical City to a new healthcare project ‘Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center’, which is the first medical center in UAE that focuses on cell therapy and regenerative medicine. The very first of its kind in Abu Dhabi! It was very challenging for me at that time to hire doctors, nurses, technicians, and other support staff as it was a startup, and the concept was completely new. It took a lot of effort to explain to candidates during the process.

To support our management vision and objectives, I really had to pull up my socks to meet their expectations and at the end of the day, we were a team of people working for an inspiring objective: to help the people of the UAE.  Our leader’s visions and beliefs motivated me a lot and our team. In the initial days of Covid-19, it was a very competitive and tough job market. The demands of healthcare professionals were very high. Our team did our best. We used to work day and night, sacrificing family and personal time to make things work. Pushing boundaries to make it all possible: that’s what it is like when we work for a cause.

All our efforts, sleepless nights, and hard work paid off when we fulfilled the requirements. There was a sense of satisfaction that we did our best to support our team. It was a very emotional moment; our Lab team and our doctors were all working 24X7 with the limited team members.

Where do you envision yourself in the future? What are your strengths? How did you discover them?

In the future, I want to be in a position where I can do more for people. Maybe an entrepreneur, Director, COO, wherever I am I really want to help people.

My strength – I am a very resilient person with a very positive attitude. In my career, there have been ups and downs, but I have never given up. I have always given my best and will continue doing so.

The journey from HR officer to HR Director has been an incredibly wonderful journey for you. What do you advise young professionals in your field?

It’s a wonderful journey replete with different experiences. All this has been possible because of the wonderful team that I have and I am always blessed with a good leader.

Being consistent is the key. One day you are a superstar and the next day you are absent from a very important meeting, it’s not right. We need to be very consistent with our performance and that’s the key to growth.

What is the best HR management style that ensures growth and exponential progress?

There are many styles but personally I believe in the “participative style”.

I always ensure to involve the team, in a sort of brainstorming. When you involve others, it becomes more transparent. Communication becomes effective. The sense of ownership comes with a participative style of management.

Also, HR professionals should be always approachable.

What is your ultimate message for our audience? Something that comes from your heart. 

Always be humble, kind, and fair.