Aditi Ameya

Connect to the Quiet Space Within with Aditi Ameya – the Award-Winning Yoga Instructor

About Aditi:

An internationally certified and qualified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Masters in Dietetics & Food Service Management, Aditi Ameya, is adding value to lives by guiding people to connect to their peaceful inner core. Aditi is an award-winning yoga instructor, an author, and passionate health & fitness advisor. She has co-authored the book “Healthful Diet” with two renowned doctors under the guidance of Dr. Jagannath Dixit; it has been published in 3 languages (English, Marathi and Hindi). Aditi has also been crowned “Mrs UAE International fitness Queen 2023” in Dubai this year.

Aditi’s Career:

Aditi is a thriving entrepreneur who is helping people stay fit and healthy through yoga exercises, breathing practices, and meditation. Her early fervour towards fitness and love for Yoga has evolved into a thriving business ever since Covdi-19 struck. She has banked on her yoga instruction training (completed four years ago) and an inner ignition to become the awe-inspiring yogi she is today. Talking about her breakthrough during the pandemic, she states, “In pandemic everyone started realising importance of breathing, Yog asanas and meditation. I started online sessions and everyone loved them. They were able to observe the changes in their lifestyle and health parameters”. She started her business with just two clients and to this date she has successfully trained 70+ learners. Her business has grown ever since due to the superior quality of her services.

Aditi’s Speciality:

Aditi specializes in teaching pre-natal yoga to support women to experience and enjoy the process of 9 months of pregnancy and to have smooth delivery. To ensure her clients make best of pre-natal yoga, she plans classes according to trimester and health condition. She conducts post-natal yoga classes to help all mothers to reach their pre-pregnancy health parameters including original weight. Isn’t it amazing! She is known for her unique yoga challenges such as 21 days yoga challenge, face yoga workshop, 5 days yoga and pranayama workshop, meditation workshop etc.; Apart from guiding individuals she has also worked through corporate Yoga Sessions for client brands such as Al Shirawi engineering LLC, Al Shirawi consultation Company, EKFC (Emirates Flight Catering), Lulu Hypermarket international group, Apple International school. She is currently developing yoga syllabus for underprivileged kids.

Aditi’s Recommendations:

When yogis designed meditation 5000 years ago, they wanted more joy and peace, and that is what yogis are experiencing even today. Aditi recommends people to choose a peaceful place for meditation, especially with no gadgets around. She advises to drink a glass full of water 10 minutes before and be empty stomach before starting the meditation. Soft music and scented candles help. She recommends meditation after 45 minutes of yoga practice.

Yoga is great for health – this is beyond cliché. It is not just an exercise, it is an entire body and mind connection event that ensures your body and mind are balanced to help you have rational thinking, peace, balanced hormones, more energy, regulated emotions, and better efficiency in literally anything you do.

Aditi believes the conventional misconceptions about yoga work like a negative force and prevent people from seeking it as a way of leading healthy and fulfilling life. Beliefs such as Yoga is slow, boring, for women only or for old people only are deterrents that stop people from relying on an easy and useful exercise routine. Like any other lifestyle choices, yoga can be a choice to be healthy and fit depending on the approach and mindset.

Connect with Aditi:

You all can reach out to Aditi on Instagram @aditikelkaryogaofficial