Anu Bhatnagar – Theta Healer & Women’s Health Equity Advocate

Anu Bhatnagar

Anu Bhatnagar is a leader on a mission to ensure women’s health parity. This Theta healer, women empowerment advocate, and self-love Alchemist has been raising health awareness world over. As country chair UAE for Health and Wellness for G100, an empowered group of 100 women leaders from across the world dedicated to gender equal future, she is looked up to for women’s health equity.

Anu’s Focus as a Thought Leader:

As a leader working towards the rights of women, Anu focuses on the health of women. She is an international speaker and contributor to many media outlets leading conversations on women’s health equity. Talking about her work as a woman who wants this world to be a more equal and balanced place, Anu says, “I am an intentional multi-potentialite and all my work, energy and commitment is centered around women; women’s health and wellbeing”.

Apart from talking about women’s right to health facilities and better care, Anu has been working on raising awareness about holistic wellbeing and its importance for women. She cultivates multidimensional skills in assisting women to sustain better health, have healthier lifestyle and excel in life. She states, “I use every opportunity to amplify two distinct faculties of women’s health; the thought leadership campaigns on health equity and healing for holistic wellbeing. I use the power of words, images and my experiences in business strategy, healing and coaching to inspire, influence and support individuals, organisations and leaders who wish to make a difference in the field of health and holistic wellbeing”.

She mentors and guides women to build stronger relationship with themselves through practicing self-love and acceptance. As a reputation management and publicity advisor, she focuses on assisting leaders, founders and entrepreneurs to amplify their voices and brand presence. Apart from these roles she is a senior advisor and founder member for two NGO’s actively involved in women’s health, leadership and safety in India.

Anu’s Passion for Women’s Health:

Women make almost half of the world’s population and yet their health issues are ignored. They are not represented at clinical trial stage, which has resulted in almost all medical innovation focusing on men. Evidence has been provided that exclusion or underrepresentation of women in clinical studies results in some important information deficits, which adversely affect women’s health. Significant gaps exist at the diagnosis stage for women resulting in delayed or wrong diagnosis. Women’s health issues are different than that of men as they are biologically different, but the differences are not taken into account.

While the investors all across the world keenly invest in developing better health projects, a large number of innovative projects involving women specific health issues are ignored. Women’s health is massively underfunded, both at research and product innovation stages. For instance, just 3.3% of digital health investment in the U.S. went towards women’s health between 2011 and 2020, according to digital consultancy Rock Health. All these problems draw Anu’s attention and she is motivated to work towards better women’s health equity. She says,

“In simple terms, a call for health equity is a call for equality at multiple levels, be it research in women’s health and diseases that affect women, funding in women’s health research, trials, drug development; and address systematic inequalities in healthcare systems.

I am fortunate to play an active part in promoting women’s health equity and FEMTECH conferences and conversations today. In India I am part of organiser team of Global Women’s Health Innovation Conference, India’s first women’s health and FEMTECH conference and campaign for promoting equality in women’s health through use of femtech and technologies”.

A Significant Breakthrough in Women’s Health Arena:

FEMTECH is definitely a breakthrough move towards achieving health equity, though the femtech industry is only at a nascent stage still. The FemTech sector includes all innovations designed to solve health issues suffered solely, differently, or disproportionately by women. It covers everything from health during pregnancy and the menopause, to Alzheimer’s and HIV.

Anu’s Work as a Theta Healer:

“Healing is definitely my soul purpose as my training and experience in healing has taught me the importance of healing in awakening the full potential of woman e.g. breaking through the self-limiting beliefs, which restrict a woman’s dreams and ambitions can direct a woman towards leading a more fulfilling life and heal”.

Anu strongly believes every person should love themselves. Self-love heals and uplifts the soul. Sharing her view about it, the self-love alchemist says, “One of the most important aspects of my healing work is a movement around the concept of Self Love, often seen as a negative word but I am changing this perception every day. I offer a spectrum of healing tools like healing circles, one to one healing sessions, healing programs built around power of self love , heart centered leadership and tapping into the inner self; all designed with one vision – to facilitate women in embracing self love and realizing their full potential through healing”.

The Purpose of Self-love Movement for Women:

Anu is passionate about supporting women and guiding them so that they may accept themselves for who they are and fall in love with them. Anu states, “Creating a healing and self love journey for women is the calling of my soul. During my work, and especially during my interaction with women as a portrait photographer, I keep hearing woman after a woman lamenting and criticizing her body shape and body weight. I have delved deeper in the relationship women have with their bodies, the beliefs about women’s bodies, the society’s narratives and how these beliefs affect her personal and professional lives. This is how I have formed a self-love based healing training. My healing training has taught me how these beliefs negatively affect a person’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; and in what ways women could heal to rid of these woes.

I bring all my learnings, knowledge, trainings and passion in healing, photography and coaching together – to create a self-love movement which has become my sacred mission.

Anu’s message to our readers

“I have two messages for my sisters as we, women of this generation are very blessed to have avenues and opportunities to reach out and be seen. We owe to our younger and next generations to change the narrative around women identity, female solidarity and sisterhood.

One: I invite every woman to start their intentional living journey and take steps towards cultivating a self-loving mindset. This is one of the most beneficial investments one can make for her.

Healing and self care builds the foundation to stand stronger and achieve better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Two: Let us make women supporting women visible and clear with these everyday commitments.

  • Being aware of your own unconscious gender bias i.e. are you more critical of women around you or contribute to conversations around their looks or choices.
  • Be mindful and call out unfair comments, judgments and behavior towards women, especially on issues like body shaming.
  • As a woman leader, own your tribe, and actively support women employees and younger women around you.

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