Carol Anne Dias

Carol Anne Dias

About Carol Ann Dias:

Carol is a trail blazer in the IT Sales Industry. She is the Deputy Sales Director at TPV Technology which is a Taiwanese company founded in 1967. TPV Technology is the world’s largest panel manufacturer of monitors and has been the global Market leader in monitor displays for 19 consecutive years with a market share of around 30% in recent years. TPV adheres to a two-pronged OBM/ODM business model: they not only design and manufacture products for some of the best-known TV and PC brands in the world but also manufacture and distribute display products under their own brands AOC, AGON and Envision. They also distribute products such as Philips’ monitors, TVs and audio products under a long-term exclusive license agreement. Talking about the achievements of TPV Technology, Carol states, “Our brand AOC has been ranked #1 in China’s monitor display market for 13 years in a row, while Philips Monitor has been ranked #2 for 10 years running”. TPV was dual-listed on the Hong Kong and Singapore Stock Exchanges in 1999 and privatized in 2019. Carol’s greatest achievement: Carol has moved up the career ladder in a span of 22 years in the IT industry based in Dubai. Talking about her achievements she shares, “I have seen my career path grow from bottom up, I grew from a Promoter to a Sales Executive, then Sales Manager and now I lead a team as a Deputy Director in the MEA region. Understanding each level of the job by doing it yourself gives you the knowledge to go up the ladder and have stable growth. In the end, hard work and dedication pays off and you enjoy success”. Carol’s motivation: “Setting a goal and challenging yourself every time to reach your goal is the key to my success. Motivating your self leads you to being independent as a woman in this fast paced world today. My Parents have always taught us to be independent and face challenges fearlessly”.

What sets Carol apart from others:

Carol is a leading professional in a highly male-dominated industry. She is one of those inspiring women who have succeeded in making their mark in their industry. Talking about her achievements she shares, “I would say, being a Woman in the IT Sales Industry, which is Male dominated and most importantly surviving it and growing up the ladder with stability, only a handful reach here. I am proud of it”.

Carol’s advice for other women:

“Encourage your children to be independent and take responsibility of their actions in good and bad times. You must fall to stand up stronger. Learn from the mistakes, but the key is never give up.

Never forget your roots no matter how high you soar. Believe in Karma as Hard work and Honesty pay off”.

Carol’s Inspiration:

Carol has been highly inspired by her mother. She says, “I have been raised by a career-oriented mother, who struck a fair balance between professional and personal life. I learned to take my own decisions at a young age. Multitasking between different roles and setting goals for us as kids has definitely inspired my way of thinking”.

Carol’s message for the readers:

“Believe in Karma, what you give to others is what you get back. Always put yourself in the other person’s shoes and take an action.

Have a Goal and work towards it , don’t give up”.

Connect with Carol:

AOC and Philips Monitors are well know within the industry , there are many ways to get intouch via social media and their office is located in JLT Dubai.