Dia Mitra – The Top Leadership Coach in Dubai

Leadership Coach & Training Consultant. She has been enlisted Top Coach 2023 by Stylfemina.

Certified by the International Coaching Federation and Marshall Goldsmith, Dia is a leading coach and consultant in Dubai. Dia Mitra’s work in the learning domain stretches over 16 years across many business sectors in India, Australia & the Middle East, allowing her to draw on this broad experience to help clients gain new insights.

Dia’s Career:

I am deeply fascinated by what makes people flourish.

We can all use evidence-based strategies to improve mental wellness and my work with executives and teams helps uncover blocks, deepen self-awareness and activate creative thinking to ensure they THRIVE and EVOLVE at work and in life.

Dia MitraI hold a Bachelor of Economics from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and a Postgraduate in Human Resources from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is an ACC -ICF Certified Coach, Marshal Goldsmith Stakeholder Centric Coach, Accredited MBTI Practitioner and a certified Expert in Emotional Intelligence & Competency Coding.

I have been working with a range of illustrious clients (individual and corporate) helping them navigate through growth and transition challenges. currently as a Leadership Coach and Training Consultant, with several organizations across Asia to build strong leaders and impactful teams.

My One-on-One Coaching and group workshops are in areas such as Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Impactful Communication, Customer Service Excellence, Sales Excellence, Strategic Talent Management and Creating an Inclusive Workforce.

My clients include Unilever, Hersheys, L&T, Aster, Al Ghurair, SHELL, Pernod Ricard and many others.

What drew Dia to Coaching Career?

With over one and a half decades as a Leadership Development practitioner, I know that Coaching is my IKIGAI. It is the beautiful confluence of

1. My passion for people,

2. My purpose of helping them achieve their potential,

3. My educational background and robust work experience in the people development sphere and

4. What was it that individuals were looking for to give them that accelerated pace in their journey.

Why do clients choose Dia as their coach?

Firstly, it is commonplace to hear almost everyone call themselves a Coach these days. However, I advise clients look at certification, past client history and testimonials before deciding to invest. This will ensure that they don’t get themselves in a situation where their grown can diminish rather than grow, I am certified by the International Coaching Federation and Marshall Goldsmith

and have over 700 hours of coaching experience nurturing and elevating potential for both business and individuals.

Clients who work with me can expect 3 clear things that help them achieve their goals:

Firstly, a heightened self-awareness of their inner values and strengths as an individual. This is powerful because once they have that, they are able to set goals that are in alignment to who they are as an individual.

Secondly, they are able to accelerate their Emotional Quotient. As an Emotional Intelligence practitioner, I help my clients leverage emotional mastery and use it to forge more authentic self-esteem as well as stronger relationships.

Thirdly, I help them chart out a path. In the last 17 years of my practice of helping individuals and teams, I have a range of tools and structures that I share with my clients to help them put all the fuzzy thoughts and ideas into a framework. They are able to go leverage these tools and frameworks clarify their thoughts, design actions and propel themselves towards the goal that they are pursuing.

What kind of clients does she generally coach?

I coach a range of people from first time managers grappling with the transition, middle managers dealing with pressure and growth concerns to C-Suite leaders who want to hone their tolerance for uncertainty.

A common characteristic I look for in my clients is a strong desire for growth, an appetite to break the shackles of status quo and readiness to commit to a better quality of life.

What is her Coaching Philosophy?

I follow a practical, result oriented and integrated approach to coaching. The feedback I have received indicate that I am a deep listener who helps translate fuzzy ideas into clear actions – leading to growthand evolution of my clients.

Her Coaching Packages:

My clients can choose from a variety of one-on-one packages and team coaching packages based on their objective and time commitment.

Details of these can be found on my website

They would also find testimonials from some of my past clients and the results they have achieved.

Readers may also connect with Dia on Instagram @diamitra_coach or LinkedIn @Dia Mitra