Dominique Cagle – Soaring from Flight Attendant to Business Innovator

Dominique Cagle

Have you ever seen someone defy status quo with such ease? Dominique “Nika” Cagle is that person for you. Nika’s journey is quite inspirational, as she went from working as a flight attendant to founding and operating a profitable corporate housing business. She currently leads Nika Corporate Housing as the Founder and CEO, demonstrating tenacity and vision. Her impact and leadership within the corporate housing industry are evident through her recognition by Enterprising Women magazine. Dominique embodies commitment, ingenuity, and independence when honored with the Enterprising Woman of the Year Award.

How did it all begin, from the corner office to the cabin crew?

The horrific events of September 11, 2001, marked beginning of change for Dominique. She was worried about her future when she was abruptly sent on leave from her position as an On-Board Leader. She saw an opportunity to make a difference because she had a solid military family background and a strong desire to support military personnel at MacDill Air Force Base.

Besides only housing military soldiers on temporary deployments, Dominique aimed to give them a true home away from home. Starting with a single suite, Dominique initiated her business career in 2003 with just a single furnished flat. It was a Any start, but it was driven by a strong sense of purpose and a courageous heart: to offer MacDill’s service members private lodging that fits their budget while guaranteeing comfort and convenience.

The company has now grown to over 300 units. Under Dominique Cagle’s leadership, Nika Corporate Housing grew into a major player in the area corporate housing market. This expansion was facilitated by careful preparation, unwavering dedication, and a profound understanding of what people need while away from home.

Nika Corporate Housing offers a range of fully furnished, short-term housing options, including one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. Each property is equipped with detailed facilities: full-sized kitchens, washers and dryers, Wi-Fi, parking, and so on.

Clientele beyond borders:

Nika Corporate Housing caters to a wide range of guests, from interns just starting their careers to high-level executives. Dominique’s visionary strategy has established a solid regional footprint and opened the door for international growth. Through the use of technology, strategic alliances with different moving firms, and booking engines such as Relo-Quest, Nika Corporate Housing effectively oversees its global operation and offers exceptional service to its clientele worldwide.

Overcoming challenges: Facing bias head-on

Some might question a woman’s ability to lead in traditionally male-dominated industries. Dominique has faced her share of gender bias, from being mistaken for an assistant to being doubted as the owner of her business. Yet, she has navigated these obstacles with confidence and grace, asserting her authority and proving her competence through her actions and results.

Resilience in Adversity:

Dominique views challenges as part and parcel of entrepreneurial journey, likening them to roller coasters with ups and downs. Her resilience shines through in her ability to focus on what’s going right. This mindset has helped her navigate through financial impacts, policy changes, and even the global pandemic; she has always emerged stronger and more determined.

Advice for Emerging Entrepreneurs:

Dominique Cagle believes in aiming high and continuously pushing the boundaries. “Set that bar higher than you feel comfortable seeing the bar. Educate yourself and read free material to improve your skills and boost business acumen. Go for the position that makes you a little nervous, in a good way. If you don’t try, you will never achieve that goal that you have set for yourself,” she advises.

By maintaining high standards, you create a road-map for continuous improvement and success. Start Slow, Stay Steady. Dominique emphasizes the value of sound money management as one of the most important teachings.

“Start out slowly and keep an eye on your financial flow. In the corporate world, your credit is crucial, and keeping your credit rating high is crucial,” she says.

Effective cash flow management and upholding good credit are essential for a new company to succeed. Her emphasis lies in doing things slowly at first, not going overboard, and making sure to have a solid financial foundation.

Visualize Success:

Dominique advocates the power of visualization. “Visualize attaining that new account, visualize being accepted into that program, visualize your ideal self, and show up each day as her,” she encourages.

Seeing daily goals and visualizing success in all endeavors can turn aspiration into reality.

Giving Back: Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Dominique’s commitment to philanthropy is evident in her involvement with various organizations. She supports the Ronald McDonald House and the Wounded Warrior’s Association, reflecting her deep respect for military personnel and their families. “It is always an honor to take care of them in government contracts where they are temporarily assigned,” she shares. Her efforts provide crucial support and resources to those who have served the country.

Supporting Disadvantaged Children

For nearly a decade, Dominique has sponsored disadvantaged children through Children International. Her long-term commitment to these children underscores her dedication to positively impact the lives of those in need by providing them with opportunities for a better future. “Supporting disadvantaged

children through Children International has been a rewarding and humbling experience,” she notes.

Dominique Cagle’s journey from flight attendant to President and CEO of Nika Corporate Housing is a testament to her resilience, vision, and leadership. Her achievements have transformed her company into a regional leader and set new standards in the corporate housing industry.

Dominique’s vision for the future includes global expansion and leveraging technology to enhance service delivery. She remains committed to exceeding guest expectations and continuously seeks new ways to grow and innovate.

Dominique offers an inspiring message for those aspiring to follow in her footsteps: pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with determination and confidence. Set high goals, manage your resources

wisely, and never stop learning. Visualize your success, and show up every day ready to achieve more.