Meet with Dr. Prriya Porwal

Dr Prriya Porwal

About Dr. Prriya Porwal:

Dr Prriya is a pediatric dentist by profession. She completed her BDS and MDS in Dental Surgery in India. Intrigued by psychology, she pursued clinical hypnotherapy training at CHII. In 2017, she moved to the UAE, but as per the eligibility requirements, she could only start she professional journey by 2019. She secured a prestigious job in Abu Dhabi. Also, while preparing for the license exam, the realization for the lack of subject specific study platform, encouraged her to initiate a Facebook page and a WhatsApp discussion group which had helped many other aspiring Pediatric Dentists.

Talking more about herself, she shares, “Since 2019, I have been cherishing treating young Emiratis and other nationals I’ve enjoyed learning Arabic along the way. Grateful for the diverse experiences that have shaped my journey. I’m deeply rooted in spirituality and believe in good deeds, with a passion for art, music, and adventures, embracing life’s vibrant tapestry”.

Her Reason to pursue Pediatric Dentistry:

“Pediatric Dentistry captivated me as it beautifully merges art, science, and psychology. My innate connection with children and a deep interest in their psychological well-being drew me to this field, where I do more than just fixing little teeth and improving their smiles.”

Dr. Prriya’s other roles:

Apart from being a dentist, she is also an educator for dental health and an author. She states, “Aside from being a pediatric dentist, I wish to be recognized as a global educator in dental health. My role in co-authoring ‘Alpha Dentistry vol 3. Pediatric Dentistry FAQ’ with a diverse, international team

reflects this ambition. Our goal was to democratize access to pediatric dental knowledge, which we achieved by making the book available on platforms like Amazon, and Kindle, reaching a broad and varied audience.

Dr. Prriya’s source of Motivation:

Dr. Prriya loves making a difference by ensuring happier little clients. She shares, “The chain of smile, which begins with my little patients smiling out of happiness after the treatment,and continues to being an extended bigger version on their respective parents’ face; that is the real reward for me which keeps me motivated towards doing better every time:”.

Dr. Prriya’s Services and Challenges:

“In my career, I’ve performed over 250 cases of full-mouth rehabilitation under General Anesthesia. Notably, I’ve had the privilege of working on critical cases like full mouth rehabilitation on children in need of bone marrow transplants at Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi. These challenging cases highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and innovative techniques in achieving successful outcomes. It’s an honour to earn the trust of the medical team, and I’m dedicated to serving such cases with utmost sincerity in the future”.

Foremost Aspect of her Practice:

“As a pediatric dentist, the foremost aspect of my work is building trust. I strive to establish a rapport with both my young patients and their parents simultaneously. Creating a comfortable and reassuring environment for children while addressing parents’ concerns is essential for delivering quality dental care. Trust forms the foundation of our successful dental journey together.

Her Inspiration:

“My parents have been a major source of inspiration in my life. While I was a kid, my father, an MD physician, showed me the respect and admiration that comes with the ‘Dr.’ prefix, which left a lasting impression. My mother, on the other hand, inspired me to embrace artistry, grace, and confidence. Their influence led me to choose a path in Dentistry, which I pursue with gratitude for their guidance”.

Her Message to the readers:

The key to achieving a flourishing existence does not reside in the mere act of adulting, but rather in nurturing the eternal flame of your inner child. This luminous essence fuels your continuous growth, empowers your pursuit of knowledge, and grants you the enduring delight of revelling in life’s wonders. And as charity begins at home, the act of love must begin from yourself!

Connect with her on:

Instagram: @dr.prriya

Facebook: @dr.prriya

LinkedIn: Dr. Prriya Porwal.